Is Beto ORourke a narcissist

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Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders is openly toying with a presidential candidacy. His party colleague Beto O'Rourke has also indicated that he wants to run in 2020. He is considered a great political talent. But what exactly would a successful candidate for Trump have to look like?

The self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders can imagine running against Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The politician recently announced this in an interview. But would a rival candidate like Sanders have any chance against the populist and speaker Donald Trump?

Credibility needs to be restored

White, male, rural and she feels she has missed out - that's Trump's electorate. And she jumps on his methods: "Trump is a narcissist, the one who is always looking for self-affirmation, success at any cost, even at the cost of lying, deceiving intrigue," says our correspondent Thilo Kößler. For politics this means: Above all, it must restore credibility and honesty.

"Trump is a narcissist, the one who is always looking for self-affirmation, success at any price, even at the cost of lying, deceiving intrigue."
Thilo Kößler, DLF correspondent in Washington

While Trump scores with fear and horror scenarios, the debate among the Democrats revolves around the question of whether they can score with positive messages and the principle of hope - without just being against Trump. Because that won't be enough, says our correspondent. "Just as Donald Trump is backing his stomach, the Democrats are again focusing on content, just as Trump is betting on devaluation, the Democrats want to try to emphasize common values."

The Democrats need to mobilize their electorate

Despite all the program, the Democrats have one major strategic problem, according to our correspondent. While Trump manages to unite his fanatical electorate behind him, the range of potentially democratic voters is not so easy to get to the polls. Only if the entire electorate is mobilized would the Democrats have a chance.

"The Democrats only have a chance if they get the minorities, who potentially vote democratically, to the ballot box. And especially young people and women."
Thilo Kößler, DLF correspondent in Washington

The Democrats showed in the midterm elections that they are capable of this. The party must be careful that it does not move too far to the left, as opposed to Trump, or that it only fishes in the middle. The electorate is mixed - as are the Democratic candidates. An as well as: address the left wing, but also the middle.

Beto O'Rourke gives hope

If it is a signal of a new beginning, then it is certainly not from the already 77-year-old Bernie Sanders, says Thilo Kößler. It is different with the 28-year-old Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But a really promising candidate has not yet pushed himself forward. "That was what was hoped for from the midterm elections, but it did not materialize."

However, one must keep an eye on 46-year-old Beto O'Rourke. Thilo Kößler says that he just lost to the prominent Republican Ted Cruz in Texas, but is considered a great political talent. "They say he looks as good as Robert Kennedy and he's as charismatic as Barack Obama."