How different are you and your friend

How would you rate yourself in a relationship. Do you get jealous quickly, are you relaxed or do you always make sure not to forget your own life alongside the common one?

Depending on the type of woman you are, your relationship will look different.

We'll tell you which Types of women there are and what features distinguish them.

These characteristics differentiate the different types of women

Whether traveling together, varied leisure activities or the feeling of security and family security, this is the type of woman crucial to what your relationship will look like - because different topics will be important to you.

If independence is particularly important to you, then you are very likely not a devoted partner. The following types of women explain why this is so.

1. The independent type of woman

It is important to you that you have enough time for yourself and your interests in your relationship. Also play Independence and self-reliance play a crucial role in your life. Therefore, separate apartments are often entirely to your liking and provide enough space.

This type of woman is particularly characterized by the fact that he can be happy with himself alone. This also means that if you are no longer happy in the relationship, you would dare to take the step of breaking up. As difficult as the beginning will be, you have it the self-confidence you need to give your life a new direction.

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2. The affectionate type of woman

You do everything to make your partner happy. Therefore, the needs of your sweetheart are in the foreground for you and you would like to be with him day and night. If you are without him, then you have the feeling of not being complete.

Also, you would make some sacrifices for your loved one and move to another city without hesitation, give up your external change or your hobby. Even if you weren't happy in your relationship, you would do anything for more harmony and hesitate to break up.

3. The family type

Your family is your number one priority. Therefore, all relationship problems within the family are also discussed. You also want to regularly visit family with your boyfriend or invite them to your home. If your partner didn't get along with your family, that would be a reason for you to consider breaking up.

Because it is important to you to have a harmonious togetherness within the family and to spend a lot of time together. Often this type of woman works too a certain longing for security. Daring decisions or spontaneous backpacking trips are therefore usually not the right thing to do.

4. The traveling type of woman

For you there is nothing like traveling and watching the world go by. Except maybe watching them with your partner. After all, there are countless experiences that you can collect together.

Often the urge to travel is higher for this type of woman than the maintenance of a relationship. Therefore it is important that your friend is also enthusiastic about it.

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5. The celebratory type of woman

You prefer fun and variety. A monotonous relationship is therefore not right for you. Your openness thus relates to your whole life. Celebrations, varied leisure activities or unusual hobbies are mostly to your liking. You also want your boyfriend to long for variety as well.

Conclusion: every relationship is individual

In addition, the individual types of women cannot always be so strictly separated from one another. Therefore, you can of course also like to travel and still spend a lot of time with your family or aim for a lot of partying and an independent life. Still, certain traits will make you to have a certain type of relationship.

Here we explain the different types of your girlfriends.