What is a responsible parent

Anything is better for the children than parental quarreling

The argument that only parenting has to stop in order to have happy children is misleading. Parents who quarrel are a priori better than no parents at all, otherwise many children in families living together would be constantly very unhappy. Regardless of the fact that a less destructive argument between parents is always better for the children.

To portray the dispute itself as the root of all evil, in the vast majority of cases misunderstood the real cause of conflict. An allegedly conflicting parent is quickly identified who may simply not want to conform to a conventional role model (see “contentious parents are unreasonable”). In fact, the argument is usually sparked and entertained by the parent who refuses to understand and prevents communication. This will be done regularly by the parent who, firstly, can afford it and, secondly, has few valid arguments (i.e. disregarded child's best interests) for their concerns.

Those who take it seriously with the containment and avoidance of disputes, on the other hand, will reward balance and sanction confrontation, intransigence and aggression. As long as the German family and social legislation does not provide any really dispute-settling mechanisms, it is true that every parent has the duty to exercise their parental responsibility even in conflict with the other parent. In general, it is worse for children not to be able to form a close bond with a responsible parent than that the parents are at odds over responsibility sharing. See also in the section [“Science”], the double residence shows its advantages even under unfavorable circumstances.

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