What is Microsoft's darkest secret

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Every city has its monsters. And so John (Max Records), who lives in dreary Clayton, fears that he has sociopathic traits and that a dark secret lies dormant in him. Belonging to the misunderstood of his generation, embalming corpses in his mother's funeral home is more a welcome hobby than a chore. In order to keep his own murderous instincts in check, he sets up a strict set of rules for himself and tries to lead the life of a normal teenager. The fear of becoming a killer stands helplessly against the fascination for serial killers and all those things that have to do with death. When several murders actually happened in the small town, everything indicates to John that the mysterious Mr. Crowley (Christopher Lloyd) from opposite could be responsible for the crimes. The more he deals with the old man, the more his inner demons seem to push to the surface. Is the ultimate evil really hiding behind the lovable facade of his neighbor or should John be more afraid of himself?