Who killed Kenny 2

202 - Cartman's Mom [...]

Kenny connects a severed cable with his bare hands so that the snowed-in hospital has electricity again and heroically sacrifices his life.
203 - Chickenlover

Only at the very end does he breath his life out: During the parade in honor of Barbrady, Kenny is killed by a falling tree on the side of the road.
204 - Ike's Wee-Wee

After Ike's "funeral", Kenny falls into a freshly dug grave in the cemetery and a gravestone that falls on him does the rest.
205 - Conjoined Fetus Lady

Sport is murder - haven't we ever ...? This time Kenny is killed by a merciless bunch of little Chinese at the dodgeball.
206 - The Mexican [...]

During a fight on Jesus talk show, two people from the angry audience grab Kenny and tear him in half.
207 - City on the Edge [...]

Kenny is dragged out of the school bus, which is hanging on a precipice, and eaten up by a monster. It's just as well that everything is just a dream from Stan ...
208 - Summer Sucks

The huge snake gets out of control and is the first victim to catch Kenny: The grandstand cannot withstand the ashes, collapses and crushes him.
209 - Chef's Salty [...]

Kenny plays yo-yo in front of the cinema entrance during the film festival and is trampled to death by the crowd pouring out at the end of the screening.
210 - Chickenpox

Kenny is the first to catch smallpox, but holds it out for a surprisingly long time: Only at the very end does he die in the hospital because his heart suddenly stopped.
211 - Roger Ebert [...]

Stan and Kyle use Kenny as guinea pigs to find out what's going on in the strange Plane (t) arium. He literally explodes.
212 - clubhouses

Kenny and Cartman throw a wild party in their newly built tree house, during which Kenny is trampled to death by the older visitors.
213 - Cow Days

Hiding didn't help either: at the rodeo, Kenny is impaled by an angry bull after he throws Cartman.
214 - Chief Aid

Ozzy Osbourne gives the song "Nowhere to run" the best to help boss. During the performance he grabs poor Kenny and bites his head off.
215 - Spooky Fish

In an unobserved moment, Stan's murderous goldfish Kenny grabs and drags him into his aquarium to kill him in a flash.
216 - Merry Christmas [...]

The police are expecting a hostage-taker when the door opens ... but they shoot Kenny, who wanted to wave a white flag for Charles Manson.
217 - Gnomes

In the dwarfs' hideout, Kenny is killed by a car loaded with underpants that derails over him. At least the dwarves show pity.
218 - Prehistoric Ice Man

Kenny is so fascinated by the "ice man" that he forgets to get off the treadmill at the end of the tour. Now at the end it pulls him back in and crushes him.