Can you handle karma

Good and bad karma


Bad karma can be the cause of a losing streak. But why? Karmic entanglements can lead to blockages that burden life. With targeted energy work, you can break away from negative attachments. 

The law ofKarmas states that every person in the cycle of life of death and rebirth releases strong forces through actions that have consequences. These energy potencies are hidden deep within our innermost being until they break out in one of our lives. S.organs, sorrows, disappointments - read about the techniques you can use to dissolve bad karma and bring about a karma change.



What does bad karma mean and how does it arise?


According to the Buddhist view, the circumscribes term karma(Plot) the through quality and bad deeds resulting fateful connection of life cycles. The cosmic law of karma of cause and effect is unbreakable and creates the future: "Who sows the wind, reaps the storm". The latent karma energies are called Samsara denotes the everlasting cycle of life from becoming and passing away. Our actions, but also thoughts and feelings, spark forces that continue to exist after physical death and travel back in the cycle of rebirth.


Bad karma is reflected in the consequences of bad deeds that lead to an energetic imbalance. Reasons for Worry, sorrow and Disappointments are therefore negative forms of energy. The more energetic tensions arise, the more they disappear Understanding, purity and naturalnessthat make up real life. Beliefs, habits and unrecognized operating principles of karma can produce reactions that lead to personal suffering and heavy burdens. If we want to get rid of bad karma, we need to recognize our learning tasks and analyze past life patterns of behavior.



How can I recognize bad karma?


The law of humility, growth, giving and change are among the karmic laws, each of which is the context of the cosmic Cause and effect principle describe. These edicts show how you create new karma through mental and physical deeds. The law of karma is closely related to the reincarnations through which the energies are transformed. If you want to dissolve bad karma, the knowledge of the operating principles enables deep insights into your current life situation.


Karma expresses responsibility for our actions and their retribution, while rebirth opens up opportunities for further development. There are different karma sub-areas like Family karma, relationship karma, ancestral karmaa or curses. Why does a hard fate meet particularly nice people? Why are they repeatedly hurt, disappointed and betrayed? Often we define these events as a streak of bad luck, in fact the trigger is often severe karma.


Negativity can be deeply rooted and cling to the subtle body. Signs that indicate bad karma are:

  • The feeling of not getting ahead despite all the effort
  • Low blows in the field of work and finance
  • Continuous problems in partnership and family
  • Difficulties in social relationships
  • Constant blame, criticism and complaint

How do I avoid negative karma?


Karma is a potential that manifests itself in negative or positive tendencies. Everything you do or just think creates energy. Emotions like Hatred, jealousy and envy can generate bad karma.


The gist of the Law of Karma is simple: Treating other people as you wish for yourself. But implementation is difficult in everyday life. Often we act out of egoism, poor motivation and indifference, which is not conducive to the karma balance. If you want to avoid negative karma, acting without attachment eases the burden of karma.


The following eight practical tips ensure a positive karma account:

  • Don't blaspheme behind the back of others
  • Be generous and share
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Avoid constant nagging and destructive criticism
  • Be grateful and appreciate the moment
  • Keeping promises made
  • Practice humility and helpfulness
  • Accept without evaluation

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How can I get rid of existing bad karma?


According to the spiritual concept, good and bad karma are the quintessence of accumulated memories and experiences in the cycle of life from birth, biological death, rebirth. With different Techniques, visualizations and Rituals bad karma can be resolved. Energy work experts use special questioning techniques, supplemented by meditation, clairvoyance, telepathy, horoscopes or card reading, in order to raise awareness of karmic entanglements and emotional blockages. The karma detachment is one of the chakra harmonization energetic treatments. In the event of a loss of strength, energy transfers support natural regeneration and strengthen inner vitality.



How can telephone counselors recognize and resolve bad karma?


Experienced karma experts help those seeking advice in clearing up heavy karma and solving karmic tasks. On the phone, energy work works through the energetic interaction with the “subtle” line. Through this connection, qualified karma counselors immerse themselves in the energies of the person seeking advice. Lots Clairvoyants and fortune tellers are specialists with a focus Energy work or spiritual healing and answer questions with the help of inputs from the world of spirit and soul.


Meditative journeys also help identify and resolve bad karma. In the cycle of life we ​​are confronted with certain tasks and always get the chance to master them in the now. Problems and emotions arise from repressed problemsBlockages, therefore it is important that we release stressful karma. With the help of mindful life counseling by experienced karma experts on the phone, you will find new ways to solve problems. How to develop through contact with your Soul beings more understanding of your own being.


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