How do restaurants measure customer satisfaction

Create guest questionnaires for hotels and restaurants: measure customer satisfaction!

Guest questionnaires for the hotel and gastronomy as a method to find out more about your own house

Guest questionnaires are easy to create for online or print use. 'Free questionnaire template' from

Increase in customer satisfaction through 'create guest questionnaires or customer questionnaires'

What must be in the guest questionnaires in order to improve the hotel occupancy rate? The guest questionnaire must not overwhelm the guest and should be able to be filled out quickly - on the other hand, you want to find out more about the good or bad things about your hotel.


Hotel guest questionnaire example / sample for evaluation of customer satisfaction analysis

Of course, you would like to know how the guest came to your house. So first question:

    • 1. Why did you choose our hotel / restaurant?
      Possible query parameters: Advertisement, recommendation, leisure activities, hotel already known, Internet advertising, congress / meeting, location, press
    • 2. Have you already been a guest of our house?
      Possible query parameters: For the first time, 2-3 times, more often
  • 3. How do you rate the friendliness of our staff?
    Grades: very good, good, satisfactory, sufficient, inadequate
    The reservation, reception, bar, guest service, restaurant, room cleaning and event service are assessed
  • 4. How do you rate our services?
    Grades: very good, good, satisfactory, sufficient, inadequate
    The website, brochures, laundry service, leisure activities, swimming pool area, conference support and conference technology are assessed


  • 5. How do you rate the quality of our food and drinks?
    Grades: very good, good, satisfactory, sufficient, inadequate
    The hotel bar, breakfast service, banquet service, restaurant and room service are assessed
  • 6. Do you have any suggestions or requests?
    There should be a field here for a free comment - however, this must not be a 'must' field
  • 7. Do you have particularly fond memories of an employee?
    Name, department
  • 8. Information about the guest:
    Name, first name, email address, street *, house number *, zip code *, city *
    The windows marked with an asterisk * do not have to be 'required entries'.

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Companies for know-how on customer satisfaction and guest questionnaires

Alternatively, the feedback software is available for larger companies.


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