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Emmerich still has hope: Is “Independence Day 3” coming?

Even after “Moonfall”, Roland Emmerich is all pointing to science fiction. The German director is currently hoping for an engagement via Disney.

Although Roland Emmerich was only able to convince to a limited extent with his late sequel to the cult classic "Independence Day", since the release of the sequel there has been another, and finally third, film in the series. The successful director, producer and screenwriter once described the series as a project that was close to his heart and should come to a well-deserved conclusion in the form of a trilogy. After the sale of 20th Century Fox to Disney, this dream could come true after all. As is well known, a lot has changed at Fox as a result of the Disney deal. Projects that should be implemented safely are now history - after a long hiatus, however, other projects enjoy complete trust on the part of Disney.

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The fact that the Mickey Mouse Group currently likes to make internal changes is shown not least by the now confirmed continuation of the “Planet of the Apes” trilogy. Instead of starting a reboot of the series and telling the story (again), as originally planned, “Planet of the Apes 4” is now to be produced. One more reason for Roland Emmerich to hope for a rethink with regard to “Independence Day 3”.

Like the colleagues from Cinemablend reported, the Stuttgart native was now relatively confident about the topic. “Hollywood is a strangely crazy place these days, so I have a feeling that Disney might even be interested in a sequel. You like franchise films like this ", said the director in an interview with Cinemablend. There are currently no clear plans, but Emmerich has not really given up on his heart project either.

With “Independence Day” Roland Emmerich wrote cinema history in the mid-90s. The sci-fi blockbuster starring Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman was on everyone's lips for years and was for a long time the measure of all things in science fiction. At the time, the film generated almost 900 million US dollars worldwide. So it's logical that Roland Emmerich wanted to produce a sequel. However, it was exactly 20 years before the director brought “Independence Day: Wiederkehr” to the cinemas - with the exception of Will Smith with the entire cast of the first film and plenty of new star power.

Unfortunately, financially and critically, the film fell short of expectations. One of the reasons why Fox subsequently distanced itself from another sequel. At the beginning of the year it was said that a third “Independence Day” would not play a role.

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