Who are the four heirs to Hogwarts

The Heir's Last Fight - Talks at Gringotts

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what is framed with § ... § is parseltongue only for information: D

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The next day began rather calmly. The three of them met in the entrance hall around 10 a.m. and apparated into Diagon Alley shortly afterwards. They walked past the still-closed shutters to Gringotts. When she got to the counter, the goblin gave her a sullen look.
â € œMy name is Lord Harry James Potter. Iâ € ™ d like to get some gold from my dungeon.â €
â € œOh Lord Potter, a pleasure! â € said the goblin unconvincingly, â € œwe have to clarify a few formalities with you beforehand regarding the high-security dungeons. It would also be good if you took a look at these. And from which dungeon do you want to withdraw gold? Â €
â € žBy the Potter, â € œ said Harry confidently. He had forgotten that he still had several dungeons.
â € œMr Griphook will show you there. If you would sign here, please, that you accept the dungeons and visit them right away. ... Thank you.â €
Harry had put his signature peppy on the parchment, on which now? Lord H.J. Potter 'was emblazoned. As soon as he had returned the parchment to the goblin, another goblin appeared and led them to the wagons.
â € œYou certainly donâ € ™ t remember that Iâ € ”â € Griphook began.
â € œThat you were the goblin who first led me to my dungeon. But I remember Mr Griphook.â €
Griphook looked at Harry in surprise, and then something like a smile appeared on his face.
â € œI am honored to lead you to your dungeons now, Lord Potter.â €
â € œWhy is it an honor for you? â €
â € œMay be that the goblins do not like wizards, but I know that there are some wizards who do not, as the name is not to be called, raise their wands against us goblins. They are one of those wizards, Lord Potter, and they are also said to be capable of stopping the Dark Lord.â €
â € œI hope I can do it. But I'm glad you think so, Mr. Griphook.â €
A short time later the cars stopped and the four got out.
â € œThat would be the Blacks' high security dungeon. I canâ € ™ t tell you whatâ € ™ s in it, â € said Griphook, opening the door. When it opened wide enough to see inside, Harry looked in amazement at six paintings. Four of them showed the founders of Hogwarts alone, one showed everyone, and the other showed Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw holding their first child. The images moved slightly. As Harry stepped closer, the people in the pictures looked at him with interest.
â € œWho are you? â € Salazar asked Slytherin sharply.
â € œMy name is Lord Harry James Potter. Son of James and Lily Potter, heir to the Black, Potter and Evans houses. Descendant of all four Hogwarts founders.â €
Harry had never addressed his family and family tree in such detail.
â € œYou are a descendant of all of us? â € asked Helga Hufflepuff doubtfully.
â € œYes. The Potter family is descended from Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw. The Blacks, my grandmother's family, from Slytherin, and my mother's family, the Evans from you, Mrs. Hufflepuff.â €
Harry found it strange. There he stood in his godfather's dungeon, talking to the Hogwarts founders.
â € œI remember a young man. Sirius Black was his name. He came here two years ago. He left a letter here for a certain Harry Potter. It must be you then. The letter is behind my portrait, â € said Gryffindor.
â € œSirius was here? Oh my God. He bequeathed all of this to me. Well then I'll have a look.â €
Harry stepped up to the picture of Gryffindor and with a short "Wingardium Leviosa" the picture floated to the floor. Behind it was a small shelf set into the wall with a single piece of paper on it. Harry carefully picked it up and let Godric float back into his usual place. Harry slowly opened the letter and began to read:
? Dear Harry,
if you read this, i'm probably no longer alive. Should I die before your seventeenth birthday, which I believe, I hereby say Happy Birthday, Lord Harry James Potter! Yes, I know that you are a lord. Just like your father was after your grandfather died. I loved your father and your mother too. I hope you can do something with your legacy and discover the secrets of Hogwarts that can only be revealed to those who descend from all four of the founders of Hogwarts. Yes, you do, because your mother was a pure-blood witch and descended from Hufflepuff. Me and James are from the Black house. Your grandmother was my father's sister, so you're descended from Slytherin, which you probably don't care about. James was also descended from Gryffindor's first child. His mother was Ravenclaw. As you can see, all four houses unite in you. I hope you are doing well. Ron and Hermione too.
I love you,
your Sirius'
Harry stopped reading and looked first at the faces of his friends and then at the founders of Hogwarts.
â € œIt is said everywhere that the heir to the founders of Hogwarts will find a secret there. Is that true? Â € he asked, looking at each of the four in turn.
â € œYes, it is true. We didnâ € ™ t think there would ever be anyone related to all of us, because we are related, too.â €
â € œYes? â €
â € œYes. We are all grandchildren of the great Merlin, â € said Rowena.
â € œI am related to Merlin, then? â € Harry asked, stunned.
â € œYes. But donâ € ™ t think that makes you special, â € hissed Salazar. Harry hissed back angrily, this time in Parseltongue: 'Oh yeah? I don't really care if I'm descended from Merlin! A few months ago I thought I was half-blood anyway. I will certainly not brag about being a descendant of Merlin. Why should I? I don't have as great skills as he does.
Salazar looked at the young lord in confusion. §You speak Parseltongue? §
§Yes, thanks to your real heir, Tom Riddle, or Lord Voldemort. When he attacked me with the killing curse and I survived, he gave me some of his skills, including parseltongue.
â € œYou survived a killing curse? â € asked Salazar, astonished, and even forgot that he actually wanted to speak Parseltongue.
â € œA killing curse? How is that possible? Â € asked Helga, astonished.
â € œWell, my mother died for me, creating a protection for me that Voldemort couldnâ € ™ t overcome.â € The four founders looked at each other in amazement. Then Rowena Ravenclaw raised her voice:
â € œYou must have more in common with our grandfather than we thought. Because he too survived a killing curse once. An enemy wizard, I no longer remember the name, put it on him that his mother died for him and he survived. Since then he has tried to find and kill this wizard.â €
â € œSo I feel the same way. According to a prophecy, I'm the only one who can kill Voldemort. I destroyed his Horcruxes with Dumbledore. Now the only thing missing is his snake and himself.â €
â € œHow old are you? â €
â € œI am seventeen.â €
â € œSo young and already so grown up ... I admire you.â €
â € œLike many others. Most only see me as the chosen one, the boy who lives. I am famous in the wizarding world because I survived the killing curse.â €
â € œWho is this Lord Voldemort? â €
â € œHis real name is Tom Riddle and heâ € ™ sa black magician. He first opened the Chamber of Secrets over fifty years ago. He collects followers who call themselves Death Eaters. Most of them are afraid to pronounce his name. For most of them heâ € ™ s only you know who, whose name he shouldnâ € ™ t be called, or the Dark Lord.â €
â € œWhy do you say the name when youâ € ™ re so afraid of it? â €
â € œFear of a name only makes you more afraid of the thing itself. Voldemort isnâ € ™ t particularly strong or has special powers. He just got the right people to do his job. He doesnâ € ™ t lift a finger, all that matters to him is to kill Dumbledore or kill me so that his hand is free.â €
â € œHow is it that a seventeen year old boy is fighting, I mean you still go to school.â €
â € œIt must be said that since my first year at Hogwarts Iâ € ™ ve had to save the wizarding world every time. In the first year I had to save the Philosopher's Stone from Voldemort, in the second year I had to find the Chamber of Secrets, kill the basilisk and stop Voldemort, in the third year I had to save my godfather from the Dementors, in the fourth year I had to play the Triwizard Tournament and had to fight Voldemort personally. In the fifth year I was teaching a group of students defense and in the end I faced Voldemort again, last year I had to find and destroy the Horcruxes with Dumbledore. I never had a quiet year at Hogwarts, Voldemort always intervened, who always almost killed me. I have done nothing but fight since I was a child.â € Still the four founders of Hogwarts stared at the young man, stunned.
â € œI have to go now, after all, the new school year is starting soon.â €
â € œAnd one more question, how is things going at Hogwarts and which house are you in? â €
â € œI must say I am a proud Gryffindor, even if I almost ended up in Slytherin. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw get along very well, but Slytherin always causes problems, especially us Gryffindors.â €
The four founders smiled at Harry until he turned to leave the dungeon. Hermione and Ron were waiting outside the door. Together with Griphook, they got back in the car and drove to Harry's other dungeons. The Potters' first dungeon contained many items such as jewelry and gold goblets. In the second dungeon, things were more of an interest to Harry. There were things from his parents there. Reluctantly, Harry stepped into the dungeon, Hermione and Ron by his side. The dungeon was much smaller than the two before. A large curtain hung on one wall, and beneath it was a large chest decorated with gold curlicues. Harry walked over to the chest, opened it with a simple alohomora, and pushed the lid open. Harry didn't pay much attention to the things that were in there, but picked up a letter that was there. Harry James Potter, my beloved son, was written there in red ink in ornate, beautiful handwriting that clearly belonged to a woman. Reluctantly, Harry opened the letter when he felt his friends by his side and Hermione had put her hand on his arm. Harry quietly began to read his mother's letter:
? My dear Harry,
if you read this letter you will be standing in our dungeon without ever having met us. I know it must be hard for you, but believe me, it isnâ € ™ t easy for me to leave you alone. You are a wonderful child and I love you with all my heart, just like your father. Harry, James doesn't know I'm writing this to you. I don't think I'll ever tell him either. I think it was a mistake we chose Peter as Secret Keeper, I donâ € ™ t know why, but I donâ € ™ t trust him. Not as much as Remus or Sirius. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Peter is the traitor. Severus Snape kept writing me letters saying that, but I didn't believe him. Why are you going to ask yourself. Simply because I no longer trusted Severus, like I did when we were best friends. I think I never forgave him for calling me Mudblood, even though he apologized so often and also turned away from his "friends". Not even when he kept telling me he loved me. I just lost confidence and didn't want to regain it and that was a mistake. James doesn't know that I think about it that way, nor does he know that Severus loves or loved me. A lot has gone wrong in my life. Last but not least, the friendship with Sev. If you do get to know Severus, he will likely hate you. I finally decided against him and in favor of your father, and you look like James. But don't let yourself be intimidated or discouraged, look Severus straight in the eye, then he will also see yours and recognize his great love. I hope you can stop Voldemort (donâ € ™ t flinch, the name doesnâ € ™ t hurt you) with his help.
I will love you forever
your mother Lily
P.S .: There is a picture of me, James and you behind the curtain, maybe you want to talk to us ...

Tears stood in Harry's eyes as he pulled back the red curtain. And sure enough, there was a picture behind the curtain. His parents looked happily at each other, then smiled down at their young son, and then looked into the face of their now grown child.
â € œHarry? Are you Harry? Â € Lily asked.
â € œYes Mum. I'm your son, â € said Harry, and slowly a tear trickled down his face.
â € œWell, a Potter donâ € ™ t cry, â € said James, mock indignant.
â € žHa ha dad! But a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff can cry too. "
â € œWhy are you listing all of the founders of Hogwarts now? â € Lily asked in amazement.
â € œBecause I am related to everyone.â €
â € œNo you are not. From the Potters' side, you are only related to Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.â €
â € œNot quite Dad. Your mother was black. The Blacks are related to Slytherin.â €
â € œBut thereâ € ™ s still Hufflepuff, â € Lily interjected.
â € œMum, didnâ € ™ t you know? The Evans are an old magical family, descendants of Helga Hufflepuff.â €
â € œI knew I came from a pure-blood family, after all, I grew up with Tunia in the Manor, but I didnâ € ™ t know that I was a relative of Hufflepuff.â €
â € œNow you know. But let's talk about something else. How are you Harry? Â € James asked, giving him a slightly indignant look at Lily.
â € œQuite good, actually.I want to get the rest of my school supplies for Hogwarts today. I'm still missing a little something. I already got the books from Potter Manor. Besides, I'm about to finally have the chance to kill Voldemort.â €
â € œYou donâ € ™ t want to fight something, do you Harry? â € Lily asked, horrified.
â € œMum if you only knew how many times I fought Voldemort in my school days! â € Harry laughed, although the subject wasnâ € ™ t all that funny, â € œMum since first year Iâ € ™ ve faced Voldemort almost every year or had to deal with dementors and other dark beings. A final fight against Voldemort is actually nothing. "
James looked down proudly at his son.
â € œHarry, do you play Quidditch too? I hope so! You were crazy about brooms as a little baby.â €
â € œI play Quidditch, of course. Seeker, since the first year.â €
â € œSince the first year? How did you do that?  € œ
â € œHe sat down on the broom without permission to take a reminder from his archenemy that he had stolen. He threw it away and Harry is after. He caught it after a pretty deep dive and McGonagall saw it.â €
â € œThis is Hermione Granger, my friend, and that over there is Ron Weasley, my best buddy, also called the Golden Trio at Hogwarts, I have to say.â €
â € œI hope you donâ € ™ t play pranks, do you? The marauders were bad enough.â €
â € œNo, weâ € ™ re more likely to fight Voldemort. The Weasley twins are in charge of the pranks. They're huge fans of yours, by the way, Dad. They also stole the Maraudersâ € ™ map from Filchâ € ™ s office and gave it to me.â €
â € œAre you an Animagus Harry yet? I mean you are officially allowed to do that as Potter. "
â € œNot quite Dad yet, but I'm about to. But that's all I want to say, because the two of them don't yet know what shape I'll take and it should stay that way until I've made it. But I think we have to go slowly, after all, we want to do some shopping.â €
â € œYes only go! I hope you come back soon Harry!  € œ
â € œSure, Mum! See you then! Â € ™ Harry left the dungeon with a smile, Ron and Hermione, before they went to get some gold and entered Diagon Alley.

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