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Move "Ivy " to the top right via "Ladder"
Move "Ivy " to the top right over "Ladder"
Then it went on to the in-location “The Ivy ", where the guests awaited a special program in an extraordinary party atmosphere.
Then the guests were treated to a spectacular program with a fabulous party atmosphere at the trendy eatery "The Ivy ".
At the age of 12 she had her first appearance at Terry's Theater in London in 1894 in the play "Gentle" Ivy ".
She had her first stage performance at the age of 12 at Terry's Theater in London in the play "Gentle Ivy ".
Newsweek described Bowdoin in 2006 as a “New Ivy ", as one of several elite colleges and universities that do not belong to the Ivy League.
In 2006 Newsweek, Bowdoin described as a "New Ivy ", one of a number of liberal arts colleges and universities outside of the Ivy League, and it has also been dubbed a "Hidden Ivy".
I say, "wake up Ivy " and you will wake up instantly.
I will say "Awaken, Ivy " and you will awaken promptly.
In 1965 four Japanese style enthusiasts published the book "Take Ivy " by showing the fashion at elite US universities.
First published in 1965 by four Japanese style enthusiasts, the book "Take Ivy " displayed fashion at US elite universities.
"Ivy " also called "Pombär", was born on October 15th, 2004 in our cattery.
"Ivy " - second nickname "Pom Bear" was born in our cattery.
Through the use of a wide variety of accessories and the combination of different details, the model "Ivy " from Light & Lace every bride in a stunning unique piece of different styles.
By using different accessories and combining it with various details model "Ivy " from Light & Laceturns every bride into an overwhelming unicum of all kinds of styles.
The band was named "Operation" after the nuclear test Ivy " from 1952.
The band's name was derived from the Operation Ivy series of nuclear tests in 1952.
I lead Carly into the "Ivy " out.
I'm taking carly to the ivy.
I know that for him 60 million is as much as a meal in the "Ivy " for you and me.
What I do know is that 60 million to him is like lunch at the Ivy to you and me.
We close "THE IVY " today because no one leaves this room until we get a big payday ... for my boy Vinnie Chase.
We are going to close The Ivy today 'cause no one is leaving this room until we score a big payday for my boy Vinnie Chase.
A sprained foot or a very painful experience with poison ivy " (poison ivy) is enough.
A sprained foot or a very painful experience with poison ivy (toxic ivy) is enough.
This is the "Jerry's", not that "IVY ".
This is Jerry's, not the Ivy.
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