Who loves Jethro Tull Why

The man with the flute

The band Jethro Tull is a legend: frontman Ian Anderson rocks the flute and the audience loves him for it. Last night in the big top he stood on one leg in unbelievable temperatures and sang into his flute.

Big top, 50 ° C. Ian Anderson, front man of the band Jethro Tull, stands on one leg and stirs the air with his flute. You could almost be embarrassed on your behalf, like an old dancing bear, he walks across the stage.

But it's Ian Anderson who is allowed to do that. Anything else would disappoint his audience.

He plays the flute like a god. With incredible ease he rocks the tent with an instrument that seems so unsuitable for it. With rolling eyes he turns to his guitarist, the two throw their solos at each other. When at some point he starts to sing while playing, the crowd can hardly be held. The man in the brightly colored vest and the black headscarf carried people away.

The fact that the audience does not flee in the inhuman temperatures is a proof of love for the artist. Backstage you can hear rumors that Anderson himself has been in a bad mood all day because it's so hot in the tent. He doesn't let it show, however, he is at the point with full energy and delivers a stage show that pulls the audience out of their seats in the stands.

However, if you haven't known and loved Jethro Tull for thirty years, you could be a little disappointed at times. Anderson's flute skills are incredibly impressive, but when he picks up the small guitar it slowly gets a bit boring after the second piece.

Nevertheless: It was definitely worth it to have seen the remnants of Jethro Tull live. But it would probably have been more fun a few years ago.