What is your favorite homemade pasta recipe

homemade pasta

In this recipe for homemade pasta, first put the flour, salt and eggs in a bowl and mix together. Maybe add a little water if the batter is too dry.
Add a little flour if it's too soft and sticky. Knead the pasta dough until you have a firm, smooth dough that won't stick to your hands.
Let the dough rest for half an hour, covered with foil.
Now roll out the dough thinly on a surface sprinkled with flour. Cut pasta.
To do this, roll the pasta dough into a loose roll and use a knife to cut into thin soup noodles, narrow ribbon noodles or wider ribbon noodles such as pappardelle or farfalle.

You can of course make the pasta better and faster with a pasta machine, in which you can roll out the dough thinly and cut it into the appropriate pasta shapes.
After cutting, let the pasta dry for another 30 minutes, lying in the kitchen, dusting the pasta with a little flour and turning it several times.

Then add plenty of boiling salted water and cook for 3 - 4 minutes until the pasta is "al dente" and still firm to the bite. Strain through a pasta sieve, rinse with cold water if necessary and drain well before serving.

With the recipe pasta dough no.2, it is the same workflow, but you should not use cold water, or only really drop by drop, to make the dough.
Knead the dough thoroughly, then put it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
Then either roll them out piece by piece on the pasta machine or roll them out thinly with a corrugated wood.
This pasta dough using durum wheat semolina makes very good homemade pasta with a bite, just like you know from Italian durum wheat pasta.

If you often need fresh pasta dough, it is very practical if you make double the amount of dough and finish kneading everything.
Use the amount of dough you just need for the respective dish, roll out the remaining pasta dough into one or 2 rectangles, approximately 10 x 20 cm, 1/2 cm thick, smooth out.
In this form you can freeze the dough in a freezer bag for later.
Then take the dough out of the freezer about 15 minutes before use, unpack and then, as usual, roll it out with a little flour with the corrugated wood or the pasta machine and cut into the pasta you want.
The result of this frozen pasta dough is just as good as freshly kneaded pasta dough.
In the trade there is also a type of flour which is called "Dunst", wheat steam, wheat steam flour or double-handle flour.
This flour is ground a little coarser than pure wheat flour and corresponds to a mixture of flour and durum wheat semolina and makes particularly good homemade noodles with the necessary bite.

A serving of homemade pasta, approx. 355 kcal and 5.25 g of fat.

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