How should you treat black diarrhea


The family doctor's practice is usually the first point of contact when you are ill or need medical advice if you have a health problem. We provide information on how to find the right practice, how to best prepare for a visit to the doctor and what is important.

Some gastrointestinal infections are reportable diseases. This means that the doctor must notify the local health department. There is an obligation to notify, for example, if someone has been found to have noro- or rotaviruses, salmonella or Campylobacter.

A gastrointestinal infection is generally notifiable in children under the age of six who attend a community facility (day care center, kindergarten). This means that if a doctor discovers an infectious disease, he or she is obliged to report this to the responsible health department within 24 hours. So that sick children do not infect anyone, they are only allowed to go to daycare or school again if they haven't had diarrhea for two days.

According to the Infection Protection Act, people in food professions who are suspected of having an intestinal infection, who are sick or who excrete salmonella, are only allowed to work again if no more pathogens can be detected in three stool samples examined. Even after that, you should pay particular attention to hand hygiene in the workplace for the next 4 to 6 weeks to be on the safe side.