How do you say desperate in Bengali

Pure despair

Sunday evening - 11:00 p.m. Exactly 59 minutes left and the term paper must be uploaded to the online platform. Unfortunately, there is only a vague introduction to the ten given pages. And now? What can we hope for now? In this case it is impossible to fill in the blank pages with something useful in the short time. And that is the moment at the latest when you inDespairdevice. A state of hopelessness, panic sets in.

The act of desperation

A possible act of desperation ...?

Out of sheer desperation you could now call your best friend or your best friend. But even these would at most convince you that a botched housework does not mean the end of the world, and that you do not above of housework should despair. In oneAct of desperation you could write an e-mail to the professor, apologizing for lying in bed sick for the weekend. But that would only be one Act of desperation.

Despair can literally drive you insane as it puts a heavy strain on your mind. Feelings like helplessness, sadness and depression spread.With despair Some people then do things that are irrational. The Cry of despair is probably the most harmless thing. It would only be harmful to the eardrum of a possible counterpart.

Doubts arise

Desperate lovers feel great sadness

In fact, this feeling of desperation is not a nice one. To be desperate is pretty exhausting and nerve-wracking. It doesn't necessarily have to be a pressure situation at school, university, or at work. So many can sing a song about it to be desperate in love. Sometimes you just don't know what to do in love!

In the word despair hides the doubt, a feeling of not really knowing what to do, of being divided. However, that does not mean that we are desperate at the same time when we do something doubt or doubtof somethingcherish, that is, are not really convinced of the truth of a thing.

Desperation scale

The silent despair - soul pain is suppressed

It is possible to express your desperation with different adjectives. The desperate may be less desperate than the one completely or furiousDesperate. Is the Despairlimitless or excessiveshe knows no end. It is also possible to use in silent despair to live by suppressing one's soul ache.

In frontvolume upDespair you can then do things or make decisions that are an expression purerare purer, despair. The pure or sheer despair says that nothing can stand in the way of despair. You're so desperate that you think you're the only one who most desperate is.

On the verge of desperation

Those who have not yet reached this state at theStand on the verge of despair - Parents, for example. If you have a child who hatches all sorts of nonsense, the saying goes: “This child still brings us to despair! ”No matter what state of desperation someone is in, the desperate person should heed what the German singer Jan Delay sings:“ But if you think it doesn't work anymore / Then this music comes from somewhere / And tells you that everything will get better / And that hope is the last thing to die ... "

Work order
Insert the appropriate term or phrase from the word field "desperation" or "doubt" into the gaps. Pay attention to the correct shape! Then form your own sentences and exchange the worksheets in your study group.

_____ louder ______________ out, I gave him a slap!

As ___________ as you were, he will certainly understand.

Well, that _________ me.

This _____________ drives you into the ___________.

I know. I've never been so ____________!

Maybe you should emit an _________________ one day.

In my ____________ situation, that won't help me either.

You __________ me to ____________!

Why then? I did not do anything!

So? Then the pens painted the wall by themselves?

Believe me, I am _____________ than you!

That can not be. I'm really on _________ the ____________! I am definitely the one on _____________.