Why does Germany allow tobacco advertising

Tobacco advertising

Tobacco advertising influences smoking behavior - that is why it is subject to clear rules in Europe. Studies show that cigarette advertising increases the risk of starting smoking, especially among adolescents. Advertising for tobacco products is therefore subject to precise rules in Germany.

Advertising for tobacco products on radio and television has been banned since 1975

In January 2007, the German legislation was adapted to a tobacco advertising directive of the European Union. This guideline provides for a uniform regulation of tobacco advertising for all EU member states. Since the beginning of 2007, advertising for tobacco products has also been banned in newspapers, journals, magazines and on the Internet. Exceptions are publications that are intended for employees in the tobacco industry and print media that are not intended for the EU market.

Stricter rules from 2021

From 2021, we will ban tobacco advertising in cinemas if the film in question is approved for children and / or young people. In addition, free samples are no longer allowed to be distributed outside of specialist shops. From 2022, tobacco advertising on outdoor advertising spaces (e.g. billboards and bus stops) will be banned. From 2023, this will also apply to advertising for tobacco heaters; from 2024, e-cigarettes may no longer be advertised on outdoor advertising space.