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External ceiling - safe and permanent solutions and systems

Outer ceilings are often an eye-catcher that immediately catches the visitor's eye. At first glance, however, one usually overlooks the fact that suspended ceilings in the outdoor area are increasingly being made of dry construction. This type of construction has been established indoors for a long time, but has also been gaining ground outside for a number of years.

Dry construction in outdoor areas: Safe in the system with Rigips Glasroc X

The Rigips external ceiling systems are ideal for use in protected outdoor areas. RIGIPS offers the fleece-reinforced special plasterboard Rigips Glasroc X to carry out such constructions. Suspended ceilings are safely implemented in the system with Rigips Glasroc X and corrosion-protected substructures from RIGIPS - an ideal solution for all planners and building contractors who want to carry their ideas from the inside out.

Rigips Glasroc X and the corresponding accessories are perfectly matched to one another. Depending on the requirements for the exterior ceiling, you can achieve optimal results with our matching product portfolio.

Advantages that will convince you:

  • Fast construction: the usual panel format and the easy-to-use processing speed up the construction project.
  • Tested systems through to surface coating.
  • Preliminary dimensioning tables for system and planning security.
  • Can be used variably.
  • Tested plastering and painting systems: Security for you and your clients.

Our products for exterior ceilings:

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With Rigips Glasroc X, you are also on the safe side when it comes to statics

Rigips Glasroc X is a special fleece-reinforced plasterboard that is particularly resistant to moisture and mold. It is also characterized by a UV-light-resistant glass fleece, which securely encases the strongly hydrophobic plaster core of the panel. Due to these properties, the innovative Rigips Glasroc X is an extremely safe solution that is perfect for use in protected external ceiling areas.

Due to excellent processing properties, such as B. the simple scratching and breaking of the plasterboard, ceilings in the outdoor area can be created extremely time-efficiently and economically. Because of the particularly UV-light-resistant fleece of the Rigips Glasroc X, there is no need to coat the surface in a timely manner. Rigips Glasroc X is ideally suited for accepting various surface coatings, and that without the additional application of full-surface reinforcement.

Precise product parameters are required for the static dimensioning of Rigips ceilings outdoors. The characteristic values ​​for ceiling cladding with layers of Glasroc X are given in the RIGIPS product data sheets. So you are always on the safe side and can provide static proof of your external ceiling at any time.

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