Yoga reduces sexual feelings

Yoga for men Every man should know this about yoga

Strengthen masculinity - with yoga! If you are unfamiliar with yoga for men, could it be that you are smiling or raising your eyebrows in confusion !? Yoga is still ridiculed by many men and declared a woman thing.

Behind yoga, at least here in this country, more female aspects are assumed. How should something with singing bowls, incense sticks and stretching exercises be something for men?

But yoga is also male! Yogis stand on their hands and not just do a handstand. In the various yoga poses - men radiate strength, stability, determination and calm. So masculinity and yoga go very well together!

Yoga has many positive effects and these apply to women and of course to men too. Your masculine and feminine qualities can be developed through yoga. The article “Yoga for Men” dispels the 4 most persistent prejudices about yoga.

You will learn about the positive effects of yoga for men. How you can strengthen your self-confidence with yoga. And how yoga can intensify your sex life. How you can pursue and achieve your goals with more willpower. You will also find out more about how you can ideally complement various sports with yoga in order to implement your training goals even more specifically.

Tapping into the primal power of your male power is neither difficult nor complicated. It's more a question of technology. Internalize these 7 natural rules of masculinity and you will live every day with a strong self-confidence, your own life mission and a charisma that of course turns every woman's head.

Table of contents of the article

1. The classic prejudices against yoga

Prejudice number 1: "You think yoga is not a real sport"

Right. Yoga is not a classic sport. Yoga is much more than that. Yoga affects your body, your mind and the development of your personality.

Your body will gain strength, stability and flexibility. You feel the changes that will come with practice. These physical changes will be followed by changes in your personality and mind; the way you look at your environment will change. You find more about yourself and recognize your own path.

Prejudice # 2: "You think yoga is only for women"

The roots of the yoga traditions come from a pure male domain! The tradition and the various exercises were developed by men (Guru and Reshis) and only passed on to their selected students. For a long time it was only men to whom this knowledge was transmitted.

The exercises have been developed over centuries. The yogis occupied themselves with developing their physical and mental qualities. The development of physical and mental characteristics was also evident in the early martial arts. The ability to concentrate, mental training, physical perfection can be found in the martial arts and also in yoga.

Yoga is more or less originally a domain of men. Men can still develop their qualities today. This also includes determination, willpower and assertiveness.

Prejudice 3: "You think you are too old - too fat - too immobile - too sick or too manly for yoga"

Do any of these apply to you? It doesn't matter, unfortunately there are no excuses in yoga. Yoga can be customized for everyone.

No matter how old or young you are or how you feel. You can always do yoga. From toddlers to old people, yoga can be practiced in every form and form. The variants and possibilities to go a yoga path are very different. Yoga describes different paths such as Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga and other yoga paths.

Prejudice 4: "You imagine that doing yoga makes you bend like a pretzel"

First and foremost, yoga is about feeling yourself. The possibilities but also the limits of your body to perceive.

You should accept these limits, accept them and not evaluate them. It's not about being better than your neighbor. It is more about moving mindfully and perceiving the effects of the asana as concretely as possible. The further development will come naturally. It is not important to bend completely. The first goal is to be aware of yourself.

Prejudice # 5: "You've heard yoga is relaxation with incense sticks"

Yoga pushes you to your limits and makes you sweat. Only after a few sun salutations, lots of support exercises, the crow and the headstand will you be rewarded with deep relaxation at the end of the class. Sometimes incense sticks are also used.

2. The positive effects of yoga practice for men

Get a healthy and strong body

Yoga has many positive effects. You will feel these effects on a physical and mental level. Your body and muscles will feel more powerful and stable. You will gain mobility and flexibility. These physical changes such as stability and mobility will not only benefit you in the yoga class. Your positive and physical feeling will affect your mood and personality.

Increase your self-confidence and radiate masculinity

By working on yourself and practicing yoga for yourself, the basic properties such as endurance and willpower will develop and expand. A strengthened self-confidence will develop.

Achieve the highest level of concentration

In yoga practice you will develop your ability to concentrate. So you learn step by step new asanas (yoga exercises) that will challenge you again and again. Practicing pranayama and meditation will also cultivate your ability to concentrate. You will not only use the ability to accept new challenges and master them with willpower and the ability to concentrate in yoga.

Come to yourself with patience and mindfulness

Not all goals, dreams and wishes come true immediately or in a short time. Tasks, fellow human beings and ourselves sometimes challenge ourselves over long periods of time. The qualities of patience and mindfulness can then help give some things the necessary time.

Mindful handling of yourself is learned in yoga. To observe the limits of the body and to expand these limits with patience and mindfulness. But also the mindfulness of your own goals and values ​​and to implement and integrate them in life.

Achieve all of your goals with courage and determination

Yoga accompanies you on the journey to yourself. You find out what you want in life. What makes you really happy and makes your heart shine.

Sometimes what makes us happy is on a different path than the one we have taken so far. Then you need courage to go new ways and let go of old ones. If you have the courage you need determination to pursue your goal further and to achieve it.

Yoga supports your courage by giving you access to your basic trust. The confidence to be happy with all changes and situations in life. A trust that will always show you a way.

3. Yoga for men - as a complement to other sports

Yoga is not a sport! Even if the media and the diverse yoga styles convey this feeling of a yoga boom. Yoga is much more than that. Yoga can begin with finding more about your body than you expected. That you feel healthier and fitter. But yoga will also lead to changes. You will not only find your body but also yourself. Become more aware of what you really want.

Yoga will change your attitude towards life and accompany the journey to yourself. Yoga shows different advantages and development possibilities on the physical and on the mental level. That is why yoga is a nice addition to many different sports and can support the potential for advancement.

Yoga and jogging

The combination of jogging and yoga results in holistic physical training. It creates a cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) balance between active cardiovascular training (jogging) and relaxation (deep yoga relaxation). Muscular balance by strengthening the leg and gluteus muscles (jogging) and stretching the muscles of the legs (yoga asanas).

Jogging in nature supports the health of our body on different levels. The cardiovascular system is trained, and the skeletal muscles are supplied with blood. Breathing deepens and increases the capacity of our lungs. The mechanics of the diaphragm are trained and supported with correct breathing. In this way, the various lung capacities increase and the supply of oxygen in the body is increased. The digestive system is stimulated. The muscles of the legs, especially those of the feet, calves, thighs, and buttocks, are strengthened.

6 unbeatable reasons for the combination of jogging and yoga
  • Your running training will be more effective.
  • Your muscles become more flexible.
  • The risk of injury is reduced by supporting the regeneration of the muscles.
  • Your running and jumping strength increases.
  • Musculoskeletal complaints are reduced.
  • Your joints are spared.

With yoga you can support your running training on 3 different levels.

(1) Level: stretching of the muscle and fascia chains

When jogging, the muscles of the legs are particularly stressed. The fascia and muscle tissue adapts to the mechanical loads. It is therefore very important to stretch these fascia-muscle chains.

If these chains are not stretched, increased tension can arise in the tissue. This can lead to pain in the course of these muscle-fascia chains. This exercise-induced pain occurs at specific points along the chain. For example on the knee joint. With simple stretches of the entire leg muscles, tensions can be regulated after running training and pain can be reduced.

Every running session should definitely end with stretches of the leg muscles. With yoga, the increased flexibility of the muscles can reduce the risk of injury. And in addition, the resilience for the following runs are supported.

(2) Level: breathing training (pranayama) - to support the lung capacity

The activity of the cardiovascular system is particularly stressed when jogging. The muscles of the musculoskeletal system are working and need more oxygen. The body increases its punching power and heart rate. The blood is pumped around the body and carries oxygen to the muscles. This increased need for oxygen has to be inhaled.

At the beginning there can be a big hurdle that lacks perseverance. Here breathing exercises from yoga can improve your breathing and lung capacity. With various exercises from Pranayama, the mobility and the mechanics of the diaphragm (largest respiratory muscle) can be improved.

(3) Level: Mental training - to achieve your running goal

No matter what goal you want to achieve. Mental training through meditation can help you achieve this goal. These are the requirements for your mental training:

  • It is important that you want to achieve this goal. You do it for yourself - not for someone else.
  • When you see yourself at your goal, then you will feel how it will make you happy.
  • Imagine what it feels like when you've achieved it.
  • Go into this beautiful feeling every evening.
  • Visualize how you get closer to your goal every day with more and more strength and ease.
  • Send your subconscious ahead to achieve your dream - your goal. Then you will get there soon.

The yoga mat on the soccer field

Soccer players work with their legs. They especially activate the inner areas of their thighs and the muscles of the hip flexors when they shoot. With strong leg and gluteal muscles, speed, endurance and balance are very important. The stability of the lower back should also not be forgotten because this is where the forces are transferred from the lower extremity to the trunk. Footballers therefore often need an improvement in the mobility of their leg and hip muscles. And the stabilization of the trunk and shoulder girdle muscles. In addition to the physical aspects, it is also important to focus on the mental level. The pressure to win a game and the emotions in the group dynamics should not be ignored.

Yoga can complement and enrich training in football.

  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Better conditions for dribbling, quick changes of direction and stop-and-go movements
  • Relief for the joints
  • Support of the muscular balance of the muscle groups in the body
  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Support of the regeneration process on a physical and mental level
  • Support the stability of the trunk
  • Relaxation exercises for the muscles
  • Relaxation exercises to let go of thoughts before the games

Yoga has already taken its place in soccer with the German national soccer team. So yoga became a complementary part of the training.

Yoga and Martial Arts

Many martial arts and yoga have their roots in Asia. The more than 1000 year old traditions train the body and the mind. The perfection of the fighting movement is based on two pillars. The first pillar is the absolute mastery of the body. An interplay of mobility, stability and coordination.

The second pillar is the mastery of the mind. Through the ability to concentrate, determination, adaptability and focus on the goal and the opponent. The art of fighting and yoga meet in both pillars.

Gatka Yoga

Gatka Yoga comes from ancient India. A martial art with swords made of different materials. In Gatka Yoga, rhythmic movement sequences are trained that are intended to prepare for the fight. The body is trained in strength, stability, equilibrium balance and coordination. The mind is trained with breathing and meditation.

The martial art combines the training of the body and the body and the mind. Yoga supports this path.

4. More pleasure in and during sex after yoga

Why do women like men who do yoga? Just ask yourself what you would find attractive about a yogini. A sporty body characterized by stability and flexibility. A healthy and radiant appearance. Yoga practice can positively influence the sex life of women and men.

The intense and clear perception of body-mind is pursued in every yoga class. The conscious feeling of the smallest reactions in the body becomes more and more evident. In this way, sexual experiences become a firework of physical and mental experiences. You can experience the benefits physically and mentally for more sensual and fulfilling sex.

5. Better sex through yoga on a physical level

Yoga isn't just about building your muscles. You learn to remain calm and especially permanently in individual positions. With yoga you also learn to be able to persevere longer because your body becomes stronger and can maintain its stability for a longer period of time.

In addition, the flexibility of your muscles is achieved, which has a positive effect on your mobility. The increased blood flow to your body also increases your desire.

6. Better sex through yoga on a spiritual level

Through yoga you deal with yourself and your environment. The assessment of your environment and the handling of the expectations of others will change. Your self-confidence will increase, which will also make you more self-confident in bed. To have the courage to try something new. To develop the ease so that not everything has to run perfectly even in bed.

Learning to be and live in the present. All the more joy to experience in the present moment.

7. Male challenges and opportunities with yoga

Challenge # 1: "You dare to venture into new and unknown territory"

What if you get lost in a yoga class? Probably the men will be in the minority. Or you are even alone. In addition, it can happen that you are surrounded by several women. Let's be honest that is guaranteed to be the case. It is understandable that the majority of men (not all) could feel a little insecure at this thought.

I would suggest the following to you: "Enjoy the attention“You feel like the cock in the basket and enjoy the attention of the ladies. After that, there would be guaranteed contact with the ladies. Because in yoga you quickly find yourself in a small family in which everyone wants to get to know each other.

The women would not miss the opportunity to find out how you came to yoga as a man. No chance to leave the room undetected.But beware! Women notice immediately when the yoga studio visit is just one stitch to get to know women and there is less interest in yoga.

Challenge # 2: "You Won't Be the Best"

Men are often less agile and they do not reach positions as easily and smoothly as women. This is due to the anatomy and the physiology of the body. But also because women are simply more concerned with the mobility of their body in their sports program. The quality of a flexible body would also be more likely to be attributed to the female side.

When it comes to a male athletic body, we tend to think of strength, stability and strength. When it comes to mobility, men are often inferior to women. Especially in the "yoga sport", a new and perhaps less pleasant experience for men, especially when compared to women, to have to take on.

But no reason to despair. Women still perceive men who practice yoga as male. Even if he is about to die in the looking down dog. The strength to face this challenge shows self-confidence and that is sexy.

Challenge # 3: Singing the Om Shanti Om

A yoga class like this will somehow manage even the toughest guy. You have stretched muscles that you didn't know you had. You have held seemingly simple positions forever and the sweat has run off your body in rivulets.

It felt like you were allowed to observe 10 things at the same time and additionally feel them in all possible regions and areas of your body. You should breathe, breathe, and breathe over and over again. You were asked to feel your flowing energies in your body.

OK everything is a bit crazy but doable. Then there is another challenge. The singing!! For many the highest freestyle in the first yoga lessons! At this point, at the latest, you think about turning your back after this spiritual twisting madness.

It no longer feels male at all. Little tip. Just do it. I promise you won't lose anything. Your voice can and should sing too. Singing frees you, gives you joy and strength. Just try it out, let yourself go and feel how good it can feel.

8. Finally

Just try it. You can't lose anything. Rather, you can discover and win something new for yourself. And there is nothing wrong with a little more health, self-confidence and creativity.

About the author:

Helen deepens the feeling of health of the body and soul by combining the topics of yoga and physiotherapy. She works as a physiotherapist, yoga teacher and teaches therapists and yoga teachers. Experience movement, feel the breath and let the spirit grow - she wants to inspire and accompany everyone who see their body as the most important resource. If you want to learn more about yoga, visit her blog: