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The transparent person: not just a threat, but also an opportunity

The network does not forget. The web knows more about us than we suspect. So far nothing new. Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. are fed billions of information every day by millions of users, including in Germany. And yet in hardly any other country is there more and more emotional discussions about the protection of privacy and the dangers of the public.

Contrary to the local debates from concerned citizens, consumer and data protection activists, Jeff Jarvis - journalist, blogger, lecturer and moderator - makes an ardent plea for more publicity in his current book "Dare to be more transparent - how Facebook, Twitter & Co. renew the world" . Based inter alia in interviews with Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Eric Schmidt (Google) and Evan Williams (Twitter), he draws the “vision of a public, transparent, networked world in which everyone works together with everyone”.

Based on a thorough analysis of the terms “privacy” and “public” in the historical, political-legal and moral-ethical context, Jarvis defines the Internet and the Internet community as a kind of parallel society that has left governments and geographical boundaries behind and thus its own Generates rules and manners. He is by no means opposed to any kind of regulation or restriction, but he calls for these for the use of data and not for their collection, dissemination or release.

He describes the chances and possibilities offered by more publicity and transparency, using already successful case studies and - if sometimes bold, at least realistic - prospects. The upheaval in retail began long ago, the classic media landscape is being forced to rethink, and governments have had to face new challenges since the Arab revolutions and Wikileaks revelations. And for companies, too, the step from the hitherto practiced trade secret business to total opening holds enormous potential. Jarvis ‘Conclusion: The public and relationships are the capital of the future, no one can afford secrets anymore.

Although it is a non-fiction book, “Dare to be more transparent” can be read easily and fluently. It never gets boring and, not least because of the numerous quotes and cross-references, invites you to study this topic even more deeply.

Jeff Jarvis, born in 1954, initially worked as a journalist. He started blogging after 9/11 and buzzmachine.com is still a popular site on the internet today. Jarvis is a professor at the City University of New York School of Journalism, moderating television programs and writing for numerous newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and The Guardian. At the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2008 he was voted one of the 100 most influential personalities in the media world. His last book “What Would Google Do?” (2009) was a worldwide bestseller.

Jeff Jarvis, Dare to be more transparent (2012), Quadriga, 320 pp.
ISBN-10: 3869950412, ISBN-13: 978-3869950419