Describes a tattoo's own character

Tattoo with character

Dedicated to customers who want tattoos with meaning.

What does this mean?

I explain this with the following example:

A customer comes into the studio and wants a tattoo for the - unfortunately - deceased father. She wishes a memory of him and explains her conceptions and ideas to us. In principle these are also motifs: name, saying, wings, cross, angel, etc. All of this reminds her of her father.

When asked why she chose these symbols, she explains: She chose the name because that was her father's name. The saying because it is supposed to remind her that everything is fleeting. The wings because their father is now with the angels. The cross because he gave her faith in life ...

When I asked her how her father was, what feelings she had with him, what stayed in her mind, the customer began to remember. Filled with tears, she explains how much her father meant to her.

All she chose were memories of her father. But where is the core of your feelings that such a tattoo should reflect?

And this is where the story begins with the character tattoo.

I listen to her story about this desired tattoo and take notes. At the same time I ask her: What if you had a tattoo that describes your father, your feelings for him? Which holds your and his character, which when you look at it, instantly awakens memories of your father?

I explain the basis of the conversation to her. Ask her if she has an album of pictures of him and her. Which picture is your favorite picture. What does she feel when she looks at this picture.

And now she should put the picture aside, just take the name and tell me what she sees and feels. Her answer was, "Nothing ... I only see my father's name."

That's why I've spent the last few years figuring out how to create a tattoo that evokes the same emotions as a picture from the album.

I guarantee that as soon as you have seen the new implementation, you will immediately discard your first idea. If you still stick to your first idea, then ... you will receive it for half the price.

No customer that I showed a character tattoo option stuck to their original idea.

90% opt for a character tattoo.

10% dropped out of the idea of ​​a tattoo.

You are probably wondering why customers abandoned the idea?

They left because they were unwilling to compromise. But they realized that one day they would regret getting their first idea tattooed.

How is a compromise made?

You will get the ideal tattoo if you are not restricted in terms of body part, size and price. If you are 100% convinced of your desire for a tattoo, make use of your idea, my experience and my knowledge. Then you are guaranteed to receive more than expected.

How is a character tattoo created?

I would like to invite the customer to talk to her late father again. This type of conversation can be stressful and emotional. I have to be able to determine what exactly she wants. She has to tell me what her father meant to her, feelings tied to her father ... In this process, ideas can arise that she would never have thought of. The customer shouldn't be biased. On the contrary, it is counterproductive and we just lose time.

My function during the conversation is to guide the customer in such a way that she discovers her own creativity.

I cannot write down the course of such a conversation, as it is very individual and depends on the customer. But I would like to describe the shine and satisfaction of the customer when we are finished with the conversation.

Imagine that you see e.g. a balloon, sky, feather ... written on a piece of paper ... and you are more than sure that you want these things on your body.

From the moment the customer informs me of their request, I take over the scepter as a tattoo artist and design according to the available budget and the body part.

Believe it or not, if you really want to wear something, then it's sure to be what you want and then it doesn't matter if it's black, red, realistic, tribal etc. It is only important that you recognize yourself in the design.

To whom is such a conversation recommended?

  • People who would like to have an original and unique piece
  • Individuals who are not biased towards size, body location and price
  • People who do not regret it 100% for the rest of their lives
  • People who care that their meaningful tattoo looks beautiful on them
  • People who are willing to compromise

What is guaranteed

  • It is guaranteed that you will never regret the chosen design
  • You are guaranteed a realization that you have thought up yourself
  • What is guaranteed is that you will change your mind on their first suggestion
  • It is guaranteed that you will not care what others think of it. Because you have chosen something with which you will be satisfied for a lifetime
  • It is guaranteed that you will deviate from your first thought without my influencing you
  • It is guaranteed that you will feel like a creative and individual person who has character
  • A unique tattoo that has never existed before is guaranteed