Which Windows laptop should I buy



  • Prices are significantly cheaper
  • Larger selection + easy ways to compare
  • Buy without pressure, so that you can read a test for each model in peace


  • No personal advice
  • You cannot test the notebook yourself before purchasing it

Laptops are little heroes in everyday life. They meet all the requirements that are also placed on normal desktop PCs. But they are more handy and easy to use. On long flights, on the train or in a café, they can be used to check emails, watch films or do daily office work.

You can get an entry-level laptop for less than 500 euros. However, one cannot expect real all-rounders. Therefore, you should be clear beforehand about what you want to use your future notebook for. You can then adapt the hardware to the area of ​​application.

Laptops under 250 euros are cheap, but in this price category you can get cell phones that can do more. Computing power, hard drive capacity and resolution are usually only sufficient for surfing the Internet and for simple word processing.