What is a flake in cooking

Quinoa flakes

The gluten-free and protein-rich quinoa is available in many varieties. One of them is quinoa flakes, which can be used as an alternative to cereal flakes. Quinoa flakes can be bought ready-made or can be made yourself using a simple process. Which flakes are the best and how do seeds become flakes?

Why use quinoa flakes?

Quinoa flakes are healthy and versatile: The quinoa flakes are ideal as a basis for a delicious muesli, tasty bread or as a healthy sauce thickener.

Allergies such as gluten intolerance plague people more and more. The side effects range from itching of the skin to rashes. Therefore, only a gluten-free diet is an option for those people. Vegetarians as well as vegans and people who pay attention to a healthy diet are increasingly avoiding the use of wheat and the gluten it contains.

On closer inspection, one recognizes that it is not that easy to enforce this form of nutrition. Even the muesli contains gluten-containing flakes. But this is by no means a reason to forego the delicious dishes. Quinoa flakes are a tasty alternative that can be used in muesli as well as in other dishes.

How are quinoa flakes made?

What they at least know is how flakes are made. Not only quinoa flakes, but also other flakes are made using a simple process: the seeds are simply squeezed so that they become extremely thin. In this form, the flakes are easy to chew, even if the seeds are not easily consumable due to their hardness.

Quinoa seeds have a very hard consistency that makes it difficult to chew them whole. In terms of taste, quinoa does not change during production. Quinoa also tastes nutty as usual in flake form. How flakes are created from the seeds is shown in detail in the further course of the text. First of all, there is information about the manufacturers and where you can buy quinoa flakes.

Where can quinoa be bought?

Quinoa flakes are no longer that unknown. Since it became known that the seeds represent an alternative to conventional grains, quinoa flakes have already been offered in some supermarkets. They are usually found packaged in 350, 500 or 750 gram containers. Of course, this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and can also differ in terms of the quantity.

A manufacturer of organic flakes can be found at DM. The drugstore has a food department that is geared towards healthy eating. 500 grams of quinoa flakes are presented at a good price-performance offer. In addition, there are no other ingredients in the flakes, so people with gluten intolerance can consume the flakes without hesitation.

In addition to the supermarkets, quinoa flakes are also available in online shops that specialize in healthy eating. Health food stores that present their range on the Internet usually have a larger selection of quinoa flakes.

What can quinoa flakes be used for?

Quinoa flakes are versatile. You can substitute other types of grain in the muesli. A delicious breakfast is created with milk and fruit. Quinoa bread can also be baked with flour and flakes. The flakes give the bread more bite. Quinoa flakes can also be used as a sauce binding in soups and refine the dish. The nutty note gives the dish a wonderful aroma - completely gluten-free.

Manufacturer of the quinoa flakes

Quinoa flakes in the packaging from the manufacturer Spielberger Mühle

DM is one of the manufacturers that pays attention to organic and offers quinoa flakes at a good price-performance ratio.

Paul's finest Quinoa is another manufacturer who offers quinoa in flake form. The seeds come from the Andes and are pressed into the delicious flakes in a gentle process. The quinoa flakes are packaged and sent to the consumer without the use of additives.

Naturacereal is another manufacturer that offers gluten-free quinoa flakes. Without additives and using a special pressing process, the seeds are transformed into loose quinoa flakes.

Davert Mühle also produces quinoa flakes and offers them in 250 gram containers. It is white quinoa that has been certified organic.

Alternatives to industrially produced quinoa flakes

If you pay attention to your diet, you will soon find that the manufacturers of quinoa flakes cannot avoid using a method that extracts important nutrients from the flakes. Flakes are generally very delicate and need to be stored in a dark and dry place. However, since this cannot always be reconciled with the conditions in supermarkets or warehouses, the manufacturers have to make the quinoa flakes durable.

This is done by heating it to over 100 degrees. The quinoa flakes can be preserved using hot steam. Important enzymes and vitamins are lost as a result of heating. According to this, the ability to swell is reduced and the intestine is not stimulated as well as with fresh flakes. Only a small part of the important ingredients is retained, which is reason enough for many to make the flakes themselves.

Make quinoa flakes yourself

Everyone knows flakes from muesli and co. But who has ever really looked at how flakes are made from the grain alternative. It is very easy to explain: The seeds are squeezed so thinly by a flake crusher that flakes are formed. So it's not that difficult to make flakes from quinoa seeds yourself.

To make quinoa flakes yourself, you need a so-called flake crusher. It looks like a flour mill. But the difference lies inside, because there are rollers that press the seeds and turn them into thin flakes. The advantage is that the required amount of flakes can be produced individually.

There are squeezers that are driven by hand or electrically. Depending on the volume, the appropriate model can be selected. Without adding any other additives or steam, you can make the delicious quinoa flakes yourself in no time at all. According to a survey, children prefer to eat home-made flakes than flakes that can be purchased in the finished state.


Quinoa flakes can be used in many ways. Quinoa flakes can be used as a tasty alternative in soups, muesli, as a sauce thickener and wherever grain is available. For an even healthier diet, it is advisable to make your own flakes from the quinoa seeds. This means that essential ingredients are retained. Anyone who needs large quantities of quinoa flakes is well advised to use an electrically operated flake crusher.