How did Yoda feel about Anakin

Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - The Plot

Act II: Between Life and Death

When they leave the shipwreck, the Chancellor and his Jedi rescuers fly to the Galactic Senate. There Palpatine is welcomed by Jedi Master Mace Windu and some senators. The Jedi Master learns that Anakin killed Count Dooku, but that Grievous was able to escape the two Jedi. Despite the news of Grievous' escape, Windu sees Dooku's death as an opportunity to finally achieve peace through the means of diplomacy, but Palpatine harshly dismisses it. According to the Chancellor, Dooku's death first gave the separatists the opportunity to wage a more comprehensive, total war. While Obi-Wan reports on the rescue mission to the council, he leaves Anakin to the politicians. Senator Bail Organa expresses his hope to the young Jedi that the Chancellor's draconian security measures could come to an end with the death of Dooku. Anakin does not share this hope that the war must continue until Grievous is also eliminated as a threat. But Anakin is far less interested in politics than in the presence he feels. He quickly moves away from the politicians, only to be hugged by his wife, Senator Padmé Amidala, behind a pillar in the entrance hall of the building. She beams happily at him, but Anakin is fed up with secrecy. He wants it to be his before the world - forever. But Padmé still doesn't want him to give up his Jedi life for her. And she has good news for the young Jedi: she is pregnant.

General Grievous, who fled, has now reached the planet Utapau, where the Separatist Council was evacuated before the advance against Coruscant. Grievous makes contact with his lord and master: Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith, until his death the teacher of Count Dooku. When Grievous asks if Dooku's death wasn't a major setback, Sidious just waves it off. A more powerful student is ready to serve him and the Sith.

Back on Coruscant, Anakin has a terrible nightmare. Padmé gives birth to his child ... and dies in the process! Anakin wakes up, startled. What torments him so much? Asks Padmé. Anakin tells her about the dream. The young Jedi makes a fateful oath: he will not allow the dream to come true, no matter what the cost. Padmé suggests that Obi-Wan be told the secret of their marriage and Padmé's pregnancy, but Anakin refuses. They don't need his help, says Anakin, the child won't be a burden, but a blessing.

In the Jedi Temple, Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan are now discussing the situation. Windu senses a conspiracy aimed at destroying the Jedi. Darkness surrounds the Chancellor and the separatists. If the Chancellor does not end the war after Grievous is neutralized, he will have to be removed from office.

Obi-Wan later consults with Anakin. Obi-Wan warns Anakin about his proximity to the Chancellor. Relations between the Jedi and the Chancellor are strained and the power is darkening. Obi-Wan insistently urges his young friend to beware of his dark feelings.

Shortly thereafter, Anakin meets with Palpatine, who reveals that the Senate is giving the Chancellor control over the Jedi Council. Anakin warns the Chancellor that the Council will not accept this. Palpatine explains how proud he is of Anakin that Anakin possesses great abilities that the Jedi Council did not appreciate. Anakin internally agrees, but pretends to be a loyal Jedi. His time will come. It comes faster than expected: Palpatine appoints Anakin as his personal representative on the Jedi Council.

[Not included in the film:
In the meantime, Padmé meets with the Loyalist Senators Mon Mothma and Bail Organa. Organa makes a courageous plea for democracy that after a thousand years it should not simply be abandoned. He reveals to Padmé that he and Mothma had founded an organization for the preservation of the republic, but that its existence must be kept secret - even from one's own family.]

The council has since grudgingly accepted Palpatine's appointment, but refuses to raise Anakin to the rank of Jedi Master. Anakin is outraged. "This has never been done before in the history of the Jedi Order. That is an insult!". Only on Obi-Wan's warning does he moderate himself. Without considering Anakin's opinion, the council decides to send Master Yoda to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk to repel an invasion of droid troops. Obi-Wan should pursue Grievous, who was hiding in the Outer Rim. Anakin himself is left with the task of staying with Palpatine.
After the session, Anakin discusses the outcome with Obi-Wan, who reveals to him that the Council wishes Anakin to spy on the Chancellor while warning him again of his pride and envy. These are not thoughts for a Jedi. Anakin sees a betrayal by the Jedi of their Code, the Republic and a mentor and ... friend on behalf of the council.
When Master Yoda's troops are loaded onto Kashyyyk a short time later, Obi-Wan consults again with Yoda and Mace Windu. Windu does not trust Anakin, Yoda fears Palpatine's influence on the young man, while Obi-Wan is worried but relies on the bond of friendship with Anakin.

On the evening of that day, Anakin pours out his heart to his wife. The Jedi feared his power, Anakin Palpatine's whispers repeated that they did not trust him, that they had betrayed the code and thus themselves. Padmé notes that perhaps they are all on the wrong side, that the republic has become evil, that they all once swore to fight. Anakin is angry, but Padmé is able to appease her husband. He should hold her tight, Padme asks, like on Naboo a long time ago ... before this war ...

Later, however, Anakin goes to the Galactic Opera House at Palpatine's invitation. He reveals the whereabouts of General Grievous to the young Jedi and subsequently proves to be very clairvoyant. He asks Anakin whether he has not been instructed to spy on him and explains that the Jedi fear the loss of their power. Anakin half-heartedly defends the Jedi that they are fighters for good. Palpatine relativizes the concept of the good. The old Lords of the Sith, said the Chancellor, also considered themselves good. And they were more powerful than the Jedi because they had no fear of the dark side of the force. Palpatine tells his young listener the tragic story of the wise Sith master Darth Plagueis, a man who was so powerful and wise that he could get the Midichlorians to create life and the lives of all who were dear to him receive. Anakin pricks up his ears immediately. Plagueis, according to Palpatine, passed all of this on to his pupil. Anakin immediately asks, "Is it possible to learn these arts?" Palpatine's answer is as final as, briefly, "Not from a Jedi."

[Not included in the film:
The next day, Obi-Wan visits Padmé at her apartment. He's worried about Anakin, he tells her. Anakin's appointment as representative of the Chancellor on the Council put Anakin in a difficult situation that could lead to bigger things. Padmé initially tries to deny her closeness to Anakin, but Obi-Wan has long recognized Anakin's love for the young senator. While still in Padmé's apartment, Obi-Wan received a radio message from Mace Windu: General Grievous had been spotted on Utapau. Obi-Wan is ordered to bring his army to Utapau immediately.]

Anakin says goodbye to Obi-Wan as he sets his troops on the march. Once again, Obi-Wan tells his young friend how proud he is of him. Anakin looks after his old master thoughtfully and then returns to Padmé.
When he arrives at her apartment, he feels an echo of Obi-Wan's presence. Once again he pours his heart out to his wife. "I'm not the Jedi I should be," he explains. "I want more, and I know I shouldn't." But Padmé confides her life to him. He can protect her from everything, she says. The way he is.