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Hello everyone, as part of my engineering studies, we came into contact with the C programming language and are now looking for ideas that are as useful as possible for initial projects. Best for beginners, friendly, i.e. not too time-consuming and complicated, and with added value for your own productivity (keyword usefulness). Just wanted to ask around here, whether you have a few ideas in this regard or whether you can even share your own experiences. Thank you for your answers :)

Jonas wrote:> as part of my engineering degree, which area> did we come into contact with the programming languages ​​C Windows / Linux, console / window, µcontroller? > and are now looking for the most useful ideas possible for initial projects. Something you need The easiest way to do any calculations. The parallel resistance of 2 resistors or Monte Carlo statistics. If you have windows or serial interfaces (or hardware) with you, completely new universes open up.

There should be enough material in the math lecture. - Solve a quadratic equation - Differentiate polynomials - Integrate polynomials Or something from your specialist lecture. Tips - console is easier at first - shit. on umlauts - not a lot of blah and unnecessary questions - option: transfer data via command line

Jonas wrote:> As useful> ideas as possible, useful for first projects: Calculate CRC for a data set. Is asked again and again despite the Internet. George

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If you are interested in C, program a simple compiler, here is an example with less than 1000 lines: https://bellard.org/otcc/ We did this during our studies for a simplified Pascal with lex and yacc, it was very interesting, and you get less than 500 lines.

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