Why do bicycle accidents happen

Bicycle accident: As a cyclist, you are well protected from danger

More and more people are switching to bicycles in major German cities. Of course, this has a positive effect on the environment and health. But road traffic is not without its dangers and cyclists should know how to get to their destination safely. Bicycle accidents occur again and again - with cars, pedestrians or other cyclists. Our brochure gives some important tips on how you can increase your safety in the urban jungle. In addition, you will find out what special rights you enjoy as a cyclist after an accident, but also what your obligations are.

Bicycle accident: dangers, rights & obligations when cycling

There are many dangers lurking in road traffic for cyclists, most accidents happen with cars. Although the number of road deaths has been falling continuously for 20 years, according to figures from the Federal Statistical Office it has recently risen again among cyclists. The reason for this is also a increased traffic all in all, which is becoming a problem in cities in particular. Here is the Infrastructure is often not developed well enough, parking offenders block bicycle lanes and thus increase the risk of accidents for cyclists - or corresponding paths do not even exist. Especially at intersections, the blind spot in / near cars can be fatal for cyclists.


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A few tips can help to increase your own safety. The most important are:

Driving with foresight, always giving hand signals

Make eye contact with other road users

Drive confidently on the outside, behave defensively on the inside

Keep your distance from parked cars

These tips protect cyclists in contact with other road users. There is also self-inflicted dangersthat can easily be avoided in order to increase your own safety. Dangers like being run over red lights, drunk driving and especially Ghostly driving cycling should not be underestimated. The road safety of the bicycle must also be observed.

In 2018, 88,880 cyclists had an accident in road traffic

Cyclists died in an accident

What to watch out for after an accident

If an accident does occur, the same generally applies as for any other accident. First of all, the scene of the accident must be secured and, if necessary, first aid provided. If there are injuries, the police must be notified. This is not necessary in the case of minor accidents. Regardless of who is to blame for the accident, affected cyclists should obtain important information such as name and address from the person involved in the accident.

Insurance cover in the event of a bicycle accident

Liability insurance is particularly important insurance for cyclists. It protects both if the cyclist suffers damage and, if he is to blame for damage. However, if the cyclist has acted negligently, for example because he was driving without lights, his liability insurer can recourse, which means that he is responsible. Then the insured may have to repay part or all of the damage.

However, if the cyclist is wrongly accused, the liability department fends off the claims, if necessary in court. Liability insurance thus acts like legal protection insurance.