Could Elon Musk make a flying Tesla

Tesla boss: New roadster should be able to fly at a height of 1.8 meters - but only maybe

As if the new Tesla Roadster in the version presented at the end of 2017 hadn't already been spectacular enough, CEO Elon Musk went even further a little later: The specified acceleration to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds only applies to the basic model, he explained, and in June 2018 he already described in great detail an optional package with SpaceX technology, with which the roadster might even be able to fly. The Tesla boss then repeatedly commented on this topic and now again in an interview - but a little more cautiously than last.

James Bond trick for Tesla Roadster

At the end of January, Musk had dispensed with the “maybe” in his earlier statements about the roadster's ability to fly: “a little”, was his answer to a question on the subject on Twitter. In another interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, the Tesla boss became more cautious again. He spoke again extensively about the planned SpaceX package. This should allow the roadster to hover at a height of up to 1.8 meters and even move forward quickly, said Musk. According to a report on the Teslarati blog, he admitted that this plan will not necessarily work.

It remained open whether for technical or regulatory reasons. “At least”, however, Musk continued, the Tesla Roadster will optionally have a SpaceX extra, which he had already mentioned in between: “I am confident that we could build an engine that has the license plate in the James Bond Stile folds down and behind it there is a rocket engine that gives you three tons of thrust. "

More thrust with the SpaceX engine

That should at least be enough to increase the acceleration of the electric super sports car again and even protect the tires in the process. However, this is not about the technology used in the current SpaceX rockets to overcome gravity, but about a cold gas engine. Without combustion, highly compressed air is expelled through a nozzle. Because of the space required for the necessary pressure vessel with 700 bar, the roadster will then become a two-seater, as Musk now explained.

But the extra push forwards should, if possible, only be the minimum of SpaceX technology for the roadster, affirmed Musk. "I want to find out how you can make this thing float without killing people," he said in the Rogan interview. For this reason, the floating height will probably be limited. The Tesla boss spoke first of one meter and then of six feet (a good 1.80 meters), so that at most the suspension would break, but not the occupants would die if the SpaceX roadster should fall to the ground.

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