What is the real reason for the demonstration

Many demonstrations are planned in Berlin on the weekend of Pentecost. The lateral thinkers also want to demonstrate. Political scientist Wolfgang Merkel does not expect a mass volume: Because the movement is losing its reason for protest with the increasing relaxation.

Political scientist and director of the Berlin Science Center, Wolfgang Merkel, does not expect large crowds at the planned demonstrations on the weekend of Pentecost: "We should be more relaxed about all of this," he says.

It indicates an end to "the powerful demonstrations" of the lateral thinking movement. The movement is shrinking as the corona measures are gradually being relaxed and there is no longer any reason to protest. The main thing is that with the decline in the number of infections, the freedom rights come back to the citizens, said Merkel. This eliminates the demonstration reasons for most lateral thinkers - but certainly not for the right-wing margins, said Merkel.

The lateral thinkers have now chosen Sunday in particular - the day of the Basic Law - for their protest because they pretend "as if they were the real and true defenders of civil liberties," said the political scientist. At the same time, however, demonstrations have also been banned because the police fear that hygiene rules will not be observed: "The police are allowed to and can do that. Fortunately, the police do not have the last word. We have administrative courts for that (...). That is good so, "says Merkel.


Good arguments instead of quick bans


Nevertheless, bans and observations have often been reacted too quickly in recent months. "I see something like an illiberal trend moving into our very good democracy," says the democracy researcher. "In the long term, that won't do our democracy any good either." Better to trust good arguments than bans.

"We shouldn't be so arrogant and say we determine who these freedoms are to and (say) lateral thinkers, they just don't suit us, they are partly undemocratic, then we want to ban them undemocratically," says Merkel.