Which daily routine you never skip

Daily and weekly schedule


Our day-to-day day care center is characterized by different phases:


  • Delivery and collection time

  • Food: breakfast, lunch, "drink coffee"

  • Seat circle

  • Free spin

  • Offers / projects

  • Sleep time / afternoon rest


In our 4 groups the different phases vary in time. However, it is particularly important to us that certain rituals and processes are handled in the same way in all groups. This enables the children to orientate themselves better and find familiar circumstances when visiting another group or when changing groups internally.


Fixed rituals when sitting in a circle, eating or in the rest phases provide security and support.


Delivery and collection phase:

Please bring your child to the day care center by 9 a.m. Hand over your child personally to the teachers. Please say goodbye to your child with a short ritual and then leave kindergarten. When picking up, it is also advisable to think about a short ritual so that the pick-up time is not unnecessarily prolonged. Bringing and picking up the children should be targeted.



From 7.15 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. the free breakfast is full. Exception: There is a common breakfast in the day nursery group. The free breakfast is accompanied by an educator. Please give your child a balanced breakfast and observe the regulations in the daycare regulations.


At 11.30 a.m., the children are called to lunch with a familiar acoustic signal. The linden blossom and linden beetle group eat in their respective group room and the linden hawk and linden leaf group eat together in the children's restaurant on the ground floor. We start the meal with a grace that the children can choose. Our lunch is delivered by the company "juwiality" from Wörrstadt. The current menu can be seen on the parent information wall.


“Drinking coffee” means the afternoon snack that most children refer to as “drinking coffee”. Of course, the children don't actually drink coffee, but rather eat the delicacies they have brought with them.


Seat circle:

The seating circles take place daily in the main groups on the round carpet, which looks like a tree disc. All groups begin their sitting circle with a uniform gossip and end the circle with a closing prayer. In terms of content, the topics change depending on the situation. Current topics are taken up and sung and played together.


In the sitting circle, we discuss the special features of the week with the children, e.g. which topic we are dealing with more intensively, when we are planning a walk or an excursion. The children are actively involved in the sitting group. The parents receive information on weekly planning on the respective group walls.


Free Spins:

The free spins phase takes place throughout the house in the morning and afternoon. The children can freely choose their game and play partner according to their sensitive phase and their interests and inclinations.


It is important to us to go out into the fresh air with the children every day, i.e. to go into the yard or for a walk.



Different projects take place in the groups throughout the year. Please note the notices on the group parents' walls.


Sleep time / afternoon rest:

All children should be given the opportunity to relax after lunch. Sleeping is an offer for all children. Since experience has shown that older children no longer want to sleep, we offer a phase that is a little quieter than usual. During this time, stories can be read out, pictures can be painted, relaxation music or radio plays can be heard.