What does girl always do differently?

Why do girls tick differently from boys?


Boys and girls can learn a lot, but they have gender-specific predispositions ...

Girls behave differently from boys - this is an old experience of parents and teachers. But what are the reasons for this? In the past few decades, sociologists, educators and psychologists have mostly responded: on the formative role model of the environment, on common role clichés. Researchers are increasingly denying this: Many differences are biological, i.e. innate.

Different preferences from birth
"We can learn a lot. It is just that our disposition-related inclinations have an effect, and researchers have probably only inadequately taken this into account in the last few decades, as is now shown", says private lecturer Dr. Dr. habil. Bischof-Koehler in the magazine "Brain & Spirit". A study by American psychologists showed this some time ago. From the first day of life, boys are more impulsive, harder to calm down, and emotionally excited more quickly. At six months it is much more important to them than girls to assert themselves. They are also more likely to take toys away from other children. From the age of one, girls prefer to play with soft toys and dolls, boys prefer cars and other machines - anything that works somehow. Boys are also more interested in forbidden things and like to fight from the age of three.

If the different tendencies are largely inherent in the cradle, they must also have a biological meaning and use. This could be due to the still fundamentally different roles of mothers and fathers. For women, a caring disposition ranked first because of their high parental investment in their offspring. For the male behavior, the existence in relation to the sex comrades was decisive.

Several studies have also shown among schoolchildren that gender-typical preferences are strongly pronounced in mixed classes. In comparison, boys were more likely to choose math and science subjects, while girls were more likely to choose languages ​​and arts.