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Dental care fixed braces

What should you watch out for when brushing your teeth and taking care of your teeth with fixed braces?

Wearing fixed braces requires special and careful dental care. With the brackets attached to the teeth, daily oral hygiene, especially tooth brushing, must be carried out very thoroughly to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. Because leftover food and plaque are given many opportunities to adhere to the corners and edges of the brackets.

The fixed braces make it difficult to brush your teeth

So that the fixed braces can act on the teeth, the brackets that hold the metal arches are glued directly onto the teeth. In addition to the metal wires, rubbers are also attached to the brackets, depending on the bracket system. In this combination of the structural elements of the fixed braces, leftover food can easily get stuck and plaque can form very easily and quickly. The brackets, wires and rubbers of the fixed braces make it more difficult to thoroughly brush your teeth, to clean between teeth and to remove plaque.

Dental care routine with fixed braces

Conscientious cleaning of the teeth, the interdental spaces and all elements of the braces is a prerequisite for lasting dental health. Any dental diseases can otherwise also interfere with the course of treatment.

Twice a day at least 5 minutes should be spent on dental care with fixed braces. We recommend the following procedure for this:

  1. First, rinse your mouth vigorously with water. This is how coarse and loose food scraps can be loosened.
  2. In preparation, brush back and forth between the metal wires above and below with the toothbrush.
  3. Then brush your teeth as usual with toothpaste and a medium-hard manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush - make sure that you brush from below and above under the metal bands.
  4. Then clean again very consciously on and around the brackets.
  5. Now use the toothbrush to clean the area above the brackets at an angle from top to bottom.
  6. Then also clean the area below the brackets.
  7. Brush the chewing surfaces and insides of the teeth as usual.
  8. Finally, the spaces under the metal arches and between the brackets should be cleaned with an interdental brush.
  9. Finally, rinse your mouth out again.

We also recommend using a mouthwash as a support. The teeth should also be treated with fluoride gel once a week. However, not before brackets are to be attached or replaced, as this makes the plastic adhesive less sticky.

Conscientious and thorough dental care while wearing fixed braces ensures long-term dental health. Always pay attention to good dental hygiene so that the teeth are intact and healthy after the removal of the fixed braces.

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