What are tulpas and are they dangerous

Tulpa dangerous

A tulpa is a purely mythological construct that should not have any meaning compared to reality. Something like this can only be dangerous if you believe in it, e.g.

through negative self-influence. In most cases, tulpas are, in most cases, harmless to the host.

However, there are occasional cases within the community in which a Tulpa “replaces” the host and thus “deletes” it. "The practice of creating a tulpa is said to involve serious dangers for all those who have not yet reached a high level of mental and spiritual maturity.

As soon as the tulpa is endowed with enough life force to take on the role of a real existing contemporary, it tends to free itself from the control of its "creator".

· You should not create a tulpa after the model of a real person - whether dead or alive. If you are creating a tulpa based on a fictional character, you should make sure that your tulpa knows that she is not actually that character, but only shares appearances with her. 9. · Are tulpas dangerous? In most cases, tulpas are harmless to the host.

However, there are occasional cases within the community. · And while creating a tulpa could be dangerous, I don't think that it will end badly unless you are perfectly harmonious. I suspect that under certain circumstances a tulpa could also be well suited for self-reflection, because (almost) nothing could be hidden from it. A tulpa is an independent consciousness in the mind that thinks, acts and perceives the world as we do. She is not a demon, not a ghost and not a separate entity.

A tulpa is an inner personality, separate from your personality, but just as human.

It is advisable not to carry out this process right away, it is best to wait until you and your tulpa can trust each other very well so that your tulpa does not take this for granted. Indications that your tulpa now has a lot of sentience is that she answers in complete sentences and has her own opinion. 4th

E.g. whether they can be dangerous to the creator (or fellow human beings) or how they affect life (e.g.

"He's crazy") would be nice if you could give me information, because I want to create a tulpa for myself.