Sarah Palin is still married

Sarah Palin learned of her own divorce via email

The divorce papers of Sarah Palin (55) and her husband Todd have been with the lawyers since the beginning of September. The Republican US politician and her husband were married for over three decades and have five children. Shortly after their 31st wedding anniversary and Todd's 55th birthday, Todd finally filed for divorce. However, the entrepreneur did not inform his wife of this decision personally, but by email!

In an interview with author James Dobson, the former governor of Alaska told aloud InStyle UKhow she found out about the divorce and how she coped with the news. Sarah said she first found out about Todd's separation plan when one of his lawyers emailed her in June. "It was devastating. I thought I was going to be shot," she said of the feeling and pain when the divorce papers filing became official in September.

But the ex-couple doesn't seem to have given up completely yet. "We are currently consulting. So it is not over yet. Our lawyers will get rich through us"the politician said, adding that she and Todd would work to fix their relationship.

How do you like it that Todd didn't personally communicate his decision to Sarah? 540 votes
That is not how it works! After 31 years of marriage, that's totally cowardly.
I can understand him already. It's definitely not easy for him either.

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