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IT also requires creativity. "Sounds weird. But that's how it is. ”And it is precisely this creativity that our customers appreciate. With modern technical solutions, creative ideas and thinking around the corner, we design the right server solution for our customers: from a single server to virtualized environments based on vmware vSphere and Microsoft HyperV to your own completely high-availability data center.

Depending on the customer's requirements, we deliver clustered server and storage systems so that your IT remains fully operational even if individual components or entire locations fail.

Only if all data and applications can be restored quickly and completely in the event of a fault does a data backup deserve its name, as otherwise operational processes are endangered and costly data losses can occur. There are several ways to design your backup strategy. The online backup on local backup servers is used to quickly restore individual content. Offline backups on removable media such as tapes and backups in the BUCS cloud data center are used to restore for the worst-case scenario.

When it comes to backup, it is important to have a careful conception so that all relevant data is backed up completely and, above all, consistently. A simple backup of the server is often not enough here. Only special mechanisms enable the required data and applications to actually be correctly restored in the event of an error.

Clients make IT solutions accessible to people. Clients can be classic PCs, laptops, but also mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. In order for the work in your company to run smoothly, your clients must be professionally managed. This includes, for example, the central software distribution of all applications used in your company to your clients. The central control saves you the costly “sneaker administration”, in which all clients have to be kept up-to-date by hand. At the same time, the software is still distributed individually for each employee. We protect your company from major failures through proactive and constant monitoring of clients. For example, we check in real time whether all security gaps have been closed, the virus scanner is active and whether viruses have entered the system.

In addition to your clients, we are also responsible for the technical peripherals of your offices. When purchasing printers, scanners, etc., one must bear in mind that the consumption costs quickly exceed the acquisition costs. We offer you tailor-made concepts for your company with the best possible cost-benefit ratio, calculated over the entire term.

It's the connection that counts. Whether switches, location connections, firewalls or WLAN, we see ourselves as a holistic network infrastructure supervisor. From careful advice and conception through installation to ongoing management and monitoring, we take full care of your network. Together with you, we plan the appropriate network topology and select the necessary components.

We ensure sufficient WiFi coverage for you and your guests at your location and are of course your first point of contact for connecting your branches via VPN. For you this means a stable network and competent contact persons you can rely on.

The adjustments to our infrastructure have solved existing problems and massively stabilized our IT. The bottom line is that we have been able to significantly reduce our ongoing IT costs and the required service costs.

  • Christoph Rickerl
  • managing Director
  • Barthels-Feldhoff GmbH & Co. KG

Today you no longer have to be in the company to be able to work and provide information to customers and suppliers. We think that's good. We believe that in the future it will be possible to work from any location and with any client. It is already standard that you work on e-mails, manage appointments and maintain contacts on the train, plane, home office or in a café. Live and fully synchronized, of course. We are happy to help your company quickly. But we want to bring your company a lot further.

You should also have direct access to your inventory management at the customer's. Your sales force should be able to see the sales figures and the latest incoming orders live on the iPad. After an appointment, write a visit report and save it in CRM. With all these options, security is particularly important: We encrypt your mobile solutions and protect you from data theft, eavesdropping attempts and unauthorized access.

The complete or partial operation of their own server services in a data center is becoming more and more interesting for many companies, as maintaining their own infrastructure is increasingly out of proportion to an outsourced operation in terms of costs. We operate the BUCS Cloud in our own data center in North Rhine-Westphalia and can therefore implement our customers' very individual requirements in addition to the standard.

We offer you various options to optimize your IT and reduce costs: Scenarios such as server housing, provision of high-availability VMs, storage, backup and security are part of our standard repertoire.

The connection of your locations and the access for your mobile employees is fully managed directly in your private cloud - encrypted and secured, as if it were your own data center. Our powerful firewalls can check and filter all of your Internet traffic for viruses and threats.

As part of the BUCS Cloud, we also offer you a backup of your existing server infrastructure, whether just as an additional storage location or as a mirrored, comprehensive emergency data center for your company.


It is important for companies that information is transparent and centrally accessible. It starts with the mail and collaboration server with team functions (e.g. Microsoft Exchange or Tobit David), but it goes further. How do you make company processes available to new employees without extensive training? How can field service employees access the key figures of their customers without first requesting the data from the central offices in the company? We create solutions that provide you with specific and individually prepared content. For this we develop individual software or expand existing systems (e.g. CRM systems, Microsoft Sharepoint instances). There are hardly any limits to the networking of systems. All data can be prepared centrally and made available to the relevant people and processes.

We were enthusiastic about very good specialist knowledge, professionalism and the necessary will to solve every problem, no matter how small.

  • Stanley Greven
  • E-business management
  • Swagelok Düsseldorf