What is Faculty 5

Faculty 5

We design the materials of tomorrow

Developing innovative materials for new applications - materials scientists and technologists around the world face this challenge. Whether materials for new memory chips, super-light materials for aircraft, high-strength steels or alloys with a shape memory effect - the products of tomorrow depend on your visions and solutions.

The TU Bergakademie Freiberg offers a nationwide unique combination of materials science and technology. In close contact with industry, the prospective materials engineers are trained to become experts in metals, ceramic materials, electronic and sensor materials as well as composite materials. Whether in research or in industry - Freiberg graduates are in demand all over the world.

Use the materials expertise of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and help build the materials of the future. Find out about the main research areas at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology.

Excellent results in the CHE ranking in the field of "materials technology / materials science" 2019

The courses offered by the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology achieved excellent results as part of the Germany-wide CHE Ranking 2019, in which, in addition to the results of a data collection, the opinions of students are also included.

In the category "Studies and Teaching", whose criteria (e.g. course offer, supervision, study organization, overall study situation) were rated primarily by the students, our department always ranks first. A top position was also achieved in the criterion "Support for studying abroad".

You can find more information, including on the placements in the individual categories, at https://ranking.zeit.de/che/de/.