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Translation of "I answer your questions" in English

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I'll answer your questions

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Three important thoughts in advance: 1. I answer all your questions gladly.
So just quickly take back the reward application you made to me, otherwise I answer to you your question in no case!
Now I answer the Questions your Letter: 1. Once you have made a decision to follow the spiritual path, marriage and family can only thwart that decision.
Now I answer the questions you put to me in your letter .. If to follow the spiritual path is your resolve, marriage and family life can only come across it.
VOICE: I answer your question and I leave it up to you what you think of my answer Questioner pass on.
I answer your questions therefore not, because it is part of the course that I want to hold myself and that I have not yet written.
you answer your questions on internships, career entry and development opportunities.
Indeed I answer these question always with a note.
For the thousand I answer all ask and...
Naturally I answer these question with yes.
Without my lawyer I answer no further ask.
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