Do you think Loona is overrated?


2 days before

"That was by far the most beautiful birthday in the world," I say to Ramiro as we enter my room. It's three o'clock in the morning, but it was just too good to go.
"So did you like it?" he asks.
"And how, thank you very much for that" I say, put my hands on his neck and pull him down to kiss him.
"Are not you tired?" asks my friend and heads for my bed, on which I lie shortly afterwards.
"When I see you like that, I'm wide awake again, my love", I grin and run my hands under his shirt.
"Señorita Sánchez, do you really need it that much?" Ramiro teases me.
"Yes, if you really want to know" I grin and grab the hem of his shirt before pulling it over his head.
"It can be done quickly today," says Ramiro with a smile.
"We still have to sleep a few more hours," I laugh and my friend pulls me up so I can stand on both feet.
"Don't you think sleep is overrated?" he asks me, cocking his head as he opens my blouse button by button.
"Four hours of sleep would be nice, after all, I don't want to fall asleep when I talk to my family"
"Well then we have to hold on to it," he says, biting his lower lip and opening the last button on his blouse before pulling it off my shoulders.
"Somebody must have thought about that," he grins when he sees that I'm wearing a bra that can be opened at the front.
"You are so beautiful" he says and kisses me gently. I lie down with my back on the bed and Ramiro lies over me.
"And you are mine too"
His lips brush my cheeks, neck and shoulder blades as he slides down my bra straps and then opens the bra. He continues his tour of my body and kisses my collarbone, my breasts and my stomach. My hands get caught almost automatically in his hair, which I pull lightly.
"Ramiro" I say with a trembling voice.
"Shhh baby" he mumbled against my stomach with a grin and then tampered with my skirt. I lift my bottom a little so that he can pull it down better for me. He pulls my panties down with me at the same time, so that I am lying naked under him except for the open bra that is still around my arms.
"I think you are still a little too dressed" I say and open the button of his jeans.
"Don't you think we should postpone it a little longer?" he asks and moves away from me.
"Hey, come back," I pout.
"But you are also needy," he laughs and takes off his jeans.
"You forgot something" I say with a look at his underpants. She hugs his body and it is hard to hide how much he wants me.
"You're crazy today, too," he grins and slowly undresses.
"Crazy about you every single day and now take them off we need to sleep"
"Do we have to sleep or sleep together?" he smiles.
"Both and now come here" I say after the boxer shorts are down. In the meantime I've put my bra out of the way and got a condom out of the bedside cabinet. Before Ramiro bends over me again, he slips the condom on. Then my lips immediately look for his and our tongues tease each other in a loving way. At the same time, my friend slowly penetrates me and begins to move.
"Ramiro I really love you, but couldn't you hurry up?" I say after his mouth floods my throat with tender kisses.
"You're ruining the cuddle bunny mood," he growls against my neck.
"I'm sorry I'm just so tired"
He breaks away from me abruptly.
"You're kidding me now, aren't you?" he asks and looks at me in surprise.
"I'm sorry bunny?" I say apologetically.
"It was your idea," he mumbles and withdraws from me.
"I know, but somehow it's not the best time right now"
"Girls and their mood swings," he sighs, throws the condom in the trash and puts his boxer shorts back on.
"Do I get your shirt?" I ask shyly. He throws it at me without comment. I put it on and get up to put my panties on again.
"All good?" I ask and sit on the side of my bed where I cover myself. Ramiro is sitting on the side of his bed and seems lost in his thoughts.
"Everything is fine," he repeats my words.
"So what's going on?" I ask and slide a little towards him.
"You have never turned me down ... let's say. I didn't think it would start after two years"
"I didn't turn you away" I say and kiss his shoulder blade.
"Sure you have. Something like that is kind of offensive for a man, it really gnaws at me right now," he admits.
"Oh darling, I didn't want you to think that. Somehow I wasn't in the mood anymore, sorry" I apologize and sit astride his legs.
"And what are you doing now?"
"I want to kiss you" I say and a small smile flits over his lips. I put my lips on his and he tenderly returns the kiss.
"Everything is all right again?" I ask about it and Ramiro puts his forehead on mine.
"Sometimes you really knock me out," he says, one hand on my bum and the other crossed over my hand.
"That's what you love about me," I grin innocently.
"Love is no longer an expression. I adore you"
He takes my hand and places it on his chest so that I can feel his heart pounding.
"You do that with me, around the clock, everywhere, no matter what," he says and looks deep into my eyes.
"Tell me again you're not cute and I'll hit you," I reply.
"Okay, I'm only cute to you," he agrees and lifts me off his lap. I look at him in amazement.
"We should sleep slowly," he says.
"All right. I love you and tonight I'll make up for it, I promise," I say, kiss him on the mouth and snuggle up to him. Ramiro puts the blanket over us and turns off the light.
"Don't promise anything you can't keep" I hear him smile and then he pulls me a little closer to him.

I can only say it over and over again, friends, I don't like scenes like that, but they are part of it
And it is also quite normal that not everything works out
There are only two days left, somehow I don't want any drama😞😆