Who should be Justin Bieber's girlfriend

Justin Bieber's girlfriend: this is his wife!

Justin Bieber female fans need to be strong right now! The heartthrob has lost its heart to a woman. But who is Justin Bieber's girlfriend?

Which woman won Justin Bieber's heart?

Even if many fans expected Justin Bieber to stay with his acting colleague Selena Gomez forever, the on-off relationship came to an end. Justin Bieber found the woman for life. It is none other than Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin. She herself is not an unknown personality. She became known as an American model and can be seen more often on TV. Today she is also a successful influencer with over 27 million followers on Instagram. After a short time, Justin Bieber married his Hailey Baldwin in 2019, who even took over his name. Hailey Baldwin became Hailey Bieber.

How did Justin and Hailey meet?

The couple got to know each other early on through a mutual group of friends, including Kendall Jenner. According to her own statements, it began to crackle during the Bible study. The couple are sure that God brought them together. For this reason, they decided to get married after a relatively short time. This decision causes a stir not only with the fans, but probably also with Selena Gomez. Hailey and the singer keep their fans up to date via social networks and it seems like a couple has found each other here for the ages!

All the important facts about Hailey Bieber!

  • Born as Hailey Baldwin
  • Daughter of Stephen Baldwin
  • American model and television personality
  • Influencer with over 27 million followers
  • Was friends with Justin Bieber for years
  • Common circle of friends
  • Learned to love each other in Bible study
  • Have been married since 2019

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Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez / Stringer

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