Why are 1D fans still a thing

If there's one thing all 1D fans want, then certainly a comeback of the boy band. And that doesn't just mean a collab with one or two of the artists. No, we want to see Harry Styles (27), Zayn Malik (28), Louis Tomlinson (29), Liam Payne (27) and Niall Horan (27) TOGETHER. However, that sounds more like a dream. After all, the boys have in the summer of 2021 disappointed their fans at their ten-year "One Direction" anniversary. Many expected to appear together, but old music videos were shared instead. But how does the saying go? Hope dies last and that's exactly what Liam made us ...

Is it finally going to be a "One Direction" comeback?

It is certainly no longer a secret that Fans want nothing more than a "One Direction" reunion. A statement by Liam Payne suggests that it could actually be that far soon. When asked on an Instagram livestream who he would like to publish a song with, the 27-year-old said briskly: "with Niall and Zayn and Harry and Louis"He beams happily into the camera, as if he were telling his fans a secret. OMG!

Twitter goes crazy

It was clear that it didn't take long for fans to completely freak out and be out of the house. There's even an account on Twitter that has started a countdown for such a comeback. So we don't have to say more about it. Every day, users write how much they want a comeback and have recently been referring to Liam's statement. "They said they'll be back, so they will. We just have to wait"or"Have you seen Liam's livestream? I'm going crazy! "Are just a few of the tweets with the hashtag #OneDirectionReunion. We hope that the five won't keep us waiting too long now.

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