How can I show appreciation

Do you want to show appreciation to others? It's great that you see yourself as part of the thx for community and would like to meet others with respect and appreciation, with thanks and appreciation, and with a positive outlook on life. We have 10 possible ways in which you can easily show your counterpart in everyday life:


1. Smile

Nothing shows sympathy so quickly, conveys warmth and affection as directly as a smile. Anyone who meets his counterpart in this way signals openness and respect. And that works even when you're in a hurry. The special thing about a smile, by the way, is that it not only warms the other person's heart, but also your own.


2. Eye level

You can quickly feel whether someone sees you as an equal, equal or disregards you. No matter whether someone works as a school director, cleaning lady or waiter, whether they are still a child or someone is unfortunately homeless, whether she has a different skin color or is a famous actress: All these people have one thing in common. You are first and foremost always People. Therefore, meet them on an equal footing and with the same respect that you would like yourself to be.


3. Greeting

A handshake or a hug reduces the distance between two people - geographically and symbolically. Those who take the time to properly greet the people around them show that they are important to them. This is a simple but direct way of living appreciation.


4. Individual email greetings

Anyone who writes and receives a lot of emails every day knows how refreshing it can be not to be greeted or said goodbye with a standard sentence. An individual greeting such as “With best regards from a sunny XY”, “I wish you a nice weekend!” Or “Have a wonderful Monday morning” show that you have thought about it.


5. Say thank you

In all honesty: you can hardly say thank you enough. Do not underestimate the power of a "thank you!" Combined with a smile, a handshake, a hug or just at the end of an email: A simple "Thank you!" Shows that you appreciate what this person is doing. A nice feeling! With the app thx for (for iOS and Android) this is of course particularly easy.


6. Give praise

When was the last time you praised your partner for always making sure that the winter tires get on the car on time? Your grandma, because she never forgets her grandchildren's birthday? Your work colleague because he always delivers exemplary projects? Praise with a “thank you” and a smile works wonders and gives people the recognition they deserve. Because: Everyone does something well.


7. Honor little things

We often tend to take many small things for granted over time. That your neighbor always parks his car in such a way that you still have plenty of space for your own, that your friend makes you a coffee every morning, that your work colleague never forgets to water the office flowers. Anyone who shows how much they value these little favors with a simple "thank you", a pat on the back or a bouquet of flowers, spreads appreciation - and also a good mood! By the way: This is also very easy with the thx for app (for iOS and Android)!


8. Be on the ball

Anyone who has invited visitors or is in conversation should have a clear head. This is the only way you can really get involved with your counterpart. If you think of other things and are not really doing it, everyone will notice it quickly. This is not particularly appreciative of your friends, children, family, or work colleagues. If you try to be in the current moment with your attention, you show respect for the people around you. It also allows you to enjoy the moment much better.


9. Be helpful

Anyone who has guests knows: “Would you like something more to drink?” Or “Can I bring you something else?”. If you extend these hospitable gestures to your everyday life, you show that you are mindful of your surroundings. Just ask your colleague without being asked if you can do something for him if he seems stressed. Inquire with your friend if you can take her a great shampoo from the store where you are shopping anyway. Your willingness to help will not go unnoticed.


10. No empty promises

We often promise children or distant acquaintances in particular “yes, we'll definitely do that one day” or “yes, we'll just call each other together”. Don't make promises that you don't want to keep. Empty promises as polite phrases don't help anyone. Rather, try to keep the promises you made. This shows that you meant business and that you respect the other. Honesty is a sign of appreciation.