Should beat Pewdiepie by the T-Series



Top 7 in September 2019:

Content: After years of teasing, 6-foot high school student Jodi decides to overcome her insecurity and ends up in a surprising love triangle.

Personal opinion: For people who are into romance, this film is just the thing! Not very clichéd and does not end according to expectations or surprisingly. We especially liked the film because the idea behind the film is very important, namely that beauty depends on inner values ​​and not always on size, weight or appearance in general.

Content: In this suspenseful, supernatural drama, a group of teenagers spends the summer in a remote camp where romances, rivalries and great puzzles await.

Personal opinion: Exciting series that can also be scary in some places. We also found it good that you could watch this series with your parents or with the whole family. In addition, the episodes are not very long, which means that this series is good for a marathon. The A-list has 1 season so far, but there should probably be a second season.

Content: Three working-class teenagers now attend an exclusive private school in Spain. The contrast between them and the rich students escalates into murder.

Personal opinion: Elite is an award-winning series and not without reason, as it is one of the most popular series on Netflix. We think the line-up was perfectly chosen because there were familiar faces. For example: Jaime Lorente (aka Denver), Miguel Herran (aka Rio) from House of Money. Not necessarily a family series: Not youth free!

Content: Ten strangers with no memories whatsoever are stranded on an island and have to fight a tough fight for survival. But reality could be its downfall.

Personal opinion: Since this is a mini-series, you can see through it quickly. We really like the concept of the series, because everyone has had the thought of what it would be like without family or friends on the island. The I-Land provides variety and stays exciting until the end.

Content: After a conflict with the law, the teen star Kaylie Konrad is ordered to run a school wilderness club.

Personal opinion: Team Kaylie is a comedy series that knocks you off your feet. She is very childish, so something for the younger of you too. A good series to pass the time, e.g. while doing homework. Very suitable for family evenings, because the consequences do not last long and, in our opinion, are family-friendly.

Content: After a failed football career, Colt helps his father and brother on the family farm. However, he has not yet found his place in the family.

Personal opinion: Very funny series with 7 successful seasons. We honestly didn't expect much and now The Ranch is one of our favorite comedy series because of the actors like Ashton Kutcher (aka Colt Bennett), who has been seen in other comedy films / series.

Content: Two mischievous brothers with a passion for stealing vintage sports cars get caught between the fronts of two rival French mafiosi.

Personal opinion: Overdrive is a very exciting action film, which can only be recommended because of the story behind it from the 2 brothers, but we don't want to spoil more. What speaks against the film, however, is that the German dubbing was not done well.


Very fresh in October 2019:

From October 1st on Netflix

- Hacksaw Ridge - The Decision (war film)

- Family Guy, Season 16 (Comedy)

From October 10th on Netflix

- Riverdale: Season 4 (mystery drama)

October on Netflix

- Insatiable: Season 2 (Comedy-Drama)

- Plan Coer: Season 2 (Comedy)

October on Netflix

- Baby: Season 2 (Drama)

Have your popcorn ready and have fun watching Netflix!



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Is YouTube now over?

Article 13

YouTube has become an indispensable part of mine, and certainly also your everyday life, and I believe that I've slowly become a little dependent. Just YouTube every day and it doesn't stop anymore. Regardless of whether it helps me learn or prevents me from doing it. But YouTube can also distract me when I'm in a bad mood and make me and my friends laugh again.

It doesn't matter what your taste is, because there are thousands of different video ideas on YouTube that you may like, whether it's gaming, vlogs, challenges or music videos.

YouTube is not only a platform for all of this, but can also be of great help if you get stuck with your homework. When I have problems, I usually watch a video from Simpleclub, because they don't just deal with one, but almost all of the subjects that you also have.

But you are now wondering why should this be the end of it?
Why should YouTube no longer exist when everyone adores it so much?

It all started with a huge commotion when Article 13 was spoken, because it says that there should be no infringement of copyright in videos. This mainly affects the background music in most YouTube videos. Because this belongs to the respective producer and may no longer be used according to the new law, because otherwise it would be theft.

But you think now that it doesn't have to mean that YouTube will be over. YouTube filters are already being used, but they cannot check every video out of the millions. And this is where YouTube is too risky. Since it is too unsafe and the law could be broken so isolated, YouTube has said that they plan to block every single YouTube channel. Then only channels like RTL2 or large companies remain.

But this law would not only harm the people who watch the videos, but most of all the YouTubers. Big people like Julien Bam in particular would then have a much bigger problem because they would lose their job, so to speak.

But it doesn't have to come to that! Because everyone, especially you, can vote against the law with your signature. In the meantime over thousands of signatures have been collected and maybe you will come along too.



Entertainment stands for entertainment. Probably one of the largest entertainment platforms is Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming portal that is primarily used to broadcast video games and was released on June 6, 2011. Every person has the opportunity to create an account on the portal for free and watch the gameplay of their choice from their favorite streamer. Of course, you also have the opportunity to broadcast your gameplay yourself and thus generate viewers. You can also earn money with Twitch or even practice streaming on Twitch as a job.

One of the most famous Twitch streamers at the moment is probably Tyler Blevins better known under his account name "Ninja". This has made a really enormous rise through the game Fortnite. You can also say that he has achieved something almost impossible. Because he already had a certain reach when the game Fortnite was released and was briefly considered the best player in this game, some sponsors became aware of him. He is now promoting Samsung and has signed a contract with Redbull as his current sponsor. With all the donations and subscriptions (also known as subscribers) that he receives per day and all the advertising income, he has managed to become a millionaire within half a year after the release of the Fortnite Battle Royale mode. He currently has an average of around 100,000 viewers in his broadcasts and a total of around 12,370 million followers. The numbers keep increasing.

It is also possible for you to continuously improve your broadcasts and your Twitch account. With various software, which are for the most part even free of charge, it is possible to add background music or small mini-games for viewers to the broadcasts, for example. These things ensure better entertainment for viewers and thus a better stream. These functions, and the setting of the broadcasts, can be very entertaining and fun for people who are interested in video games and play by themselves. There are also the so-called charity streams. These are transmissions that usually only deliver very large streamers. Any donation money that comes in to the steamer in these transmissions is then used for good causes. Many then send the money to different donation organizations.

So Twitch is a portal where you can watch and comment on broadcasts from streamers, broadcast your gameplay yourself and still earn money when things are going well.


PewDiePie vs. T-Series

The YouTube Battle

PewDiePie versus T-Series, the big YouTube battle! PewDiePie is the YouTuber with the most subscribers worldwide. Now he's celebrating again: The 70 million subscriber mark has been cracked. But he is more pleased than usual, as he is currently delivering a battle of subscribers to viewers with the extremely fast growing YouTube channel called T-Series, who can crack the 70 million subscribers faster. In the end, it was PewDiePie with a lead of around 400,000 subscribers, ahead of the Indian music & and film studio. There has been a live stream on YouTube for about 2 weeks, in which the subscriber live counter is displayed for every channel. Both numbers shoot up non-stop. The stream has around 12,000 viewers every day, continuously. You can cast your vote there in the live chat, whether you are for PewDiePie or for T-Series. At the same time, hundreds of new comments can be seen in the chat, some fans of PewDiePie who write that the T-Series will never be great, but also fans from the Indian YouTube channel who are fighting against it and claiming the opposite.

Both channels are extremely successful and reach many millions of people all over the world in two completely different areas on YouTube. T-Series has a total of 12,828 videos on its music & film channel, with an average length of 3:30 minutes.They have already had 53.1 billion clicks in their entire career, which started on March 13, 2006. PewDiePie has 3,654 videos, mostly consisting of how he reacts for ten minutes to "memes" that his viewers previously sent him on Twitter. He describes himself on YouTube with the slogan: "i make videos", which his fans use as an insider slogan. With a third of the videos from T-Series, he achieved around half the clicks that T-Series achieved with 12,000 videos. His channel has been available on YouTube since April 29, 2010.

My opinion on the battle of icons is that it is fun to watch the fans fight in live chat and also write the comments under the "opposing" videos. But I join PewdiePie's site because I've been following him and watching him regularly since he has 15 million subscribers. But the PewDiePie vs T-Series war itself doesn't have to be because there is so much entertainment on all of YouTube.



What impact do influencers have on us?

How big is their influence on us?

We all use social media platforms, but what do they do to us and our memories? Whether on Instagram or Facebook, we are accompanied daily by influencers who share their life and everyday life with us on these platforms. Sometimes we cannot determine what impact they have on us because we are confronted directly with the ideals or trends. We see something several times at influencers and we want it too. We want to follow what is currently trendy and want to be taken into account just like the influencers for selected products. This is exactly the idea behind marketing. What we see in the media should make us want it. But these influencers, who are considered ideals, also pose a threat in ways that can harm us. In our time, the ideal of beauty is clearly illustrated, for example, by Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj. Especially the influencers with many fans are adored. Everyone wants to look like her, although that can have extreme effects. Everyone recognizes other ideals of beauty, which are mostly unreal. Nevertheless, there are many incidents of anorexia or depression, since young girls in particular want to have ideal measurements. The whole thing is promoted even more by TV programs like “Germany's Next Top Model”, but stars like Stefanie Giesinger are now opposing this and show that no one is perfect and that everyone should accept themselves as they are, even without the latest Bag or the latest shoes on the market.


Hatewelle versus Kayne West

Over the past few weeks, rapper Kayne West has been hit by hate again and again.

The rapper has already made positive comments about Donald Trump, which has made many of his fans angry. A few days ago Kayne posted a picture on Twitter wearing Trums's "Make America great again" cap. That was the trigger for another wave of hats against him. Kayne then deactivated all of his social media.

But despite all the hate, Kayne visited the White House. Donald Trump, Trums's son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump were also in attendance. Before the group sat down, they discussed the problem with North Korea.

West also noticed people trying to scare him into stopping wearing the cap, but Kayne said it gave him strength. He compared the cap to a Superman cloak. Kayne continued to talk for 10 minutes on various topics, such as his sleep problems and IQ. He also praised Trump. Trump said his speech was pretty impressive.

Kayne West even hugged Donald Trump in between.


From Minecraft to Fortnite

Anyone who started gaming a few years ago has played Minecraft at least once. Minecraft is an open world, which was created by the Swedish developer . The world in Minecraft consists of square blocks and the goal is to build your own world, where you can let your creativity run free. My opinion of the game is that without this game, the gaming scene wouldn't be nearly as advanced as it is today, as it has become a landmark. There are countless hours of playtime on my account, because it was just a wonderful time to build and create a completely new world with friends. You are probably wondering when the topic of Fortnite will finally come, this is the case now. Fortnite is the "new mainstream game". If any of you don't know Fortnite, here's a little explanation. The game is an "online battle royal" in which 100 people from different countries fight each other. In the end, the winner is the one who survived. There are several different ways to play, for example Singles, Duo and Four Sqaud. The online mode appeared on September 27, 2017 and is therefore still very young. But how are the two games related?

Fifteen years ago, Minecraft was the game YouTubers and streamers grew up with. Very appropriate examples here would be for Rewinside, Paluten and GermanLetsPaly. These YouTubers were the stars of my childhood, there's no question about that. Some of you can already guess what's coming next. Fortnite is currently at the height of its fledgling career and has also highlighted many new YouTubers and streamers, such as Ninja. But this game currently has the same status as Minecraft, since all or most of them only have the game of Fortnite in their heads. Anyone who has thought a little bit now also knows what the title is all about. But my own opinion is that I would not put Fortnite on the very, very high and successful level like Minecraft for a long time. I also think that many just get carried away and take this game too seriously, unfortunately. Because it's still about the fun of the game! But it shouldn't sound like I think it's bad, it's just not my taste and I don't understand the hype. Many of you will disagree or agree that I am only partially right, but perhaps this article will show you that history repeats itself a bit.


Rest in Peace X

Fans are surprised

XXXTENTACION has released a new song. The 20-year-old rapper who was murdered on June 18, 2018 dropped the song "Moonlight" on September 30. In the grief of the fans, he was the last to process the song. The video gets the first million clicks after just a few minutes. The music video reached number 2 of the trends worldwide and 2.6 million likes after two days. A park serves as a dark backdrop in the video. X wears the same clothes as on the day of his death and walks slowly through a party where nobody notices him. He watches the others dance and laugh together. He raps about other people's negativity, past misbehavior, and dark sides. Many fans wonder why he wore the same clothes as when he died. Many theories arise from this: "Is it just a coincidence?"; "Was X's death planned?"; "Is Jah perhaps still alive?" Most of the time, it's people's grief that lets them out with theories like that. They give you and others hope that he is still alive. The music itself sounds more happy than sad. A simple beat that goes in a relaxed direction. The song is also available in his last album "?".



Would you like to exercise your back? Then this is exactly the right exercise for you, because #MachDieRobbe is the perfect internet challenge for it. It works as follows: Lay your stomach on the floor, then bend your legs as far as you can, grab your feet with your hands and pull your head upwards - now your hands and feet are rhythmically drawn up in an arch. Quite exhausting for most of them, but at least this is how people protest against the cruel seal hunt. This challenge was launched by YouTuber Julien Bam and his music video is about a seal that everyone loves and thinks they are cool. Everyone should do the funny seal move and have fun, until in the end a hooded man shows up and hits the seal with a baseball bat and then pulls the fur off. This video is intended to draw attention to the seal hunt, which takes place every year. People brutally approach the seals and then hit them on the back of the head with a hakapik so that they can become unconscious and have their fur peeled off.

Incidentally, according to the German Animal Welfare Association, around 750,000 seals are killed and skinned worldwide every year. In addition, the majority of these hunts take place in Canada, Namibia and Greenland.

Therefore, Julien Bam calls on everyone under his video to send a protest mail to the Canadian embassy and provides a ready-made text template. Many well-known media have already made a contribution about the challenge so that the cruel slaughter will soon come to an end.


Kim Kardashian helps woman out of jail

After seeing the harrowing story of Alice Marie Johnson, Kim Kardashian knew she had to help.

Alice Marie Johnson, 63-year-old grandmother, has been convicted of a drug offense for 25 years plus. She had never committed an offense before. She was accused of being involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. She was arrested in 1993 and has been detained since October 1996.

However, Alice said that she never sold drugs, only allowed people who were in the drug business to use her phone. Kim Kardashian commented on Twitter and also said personally that she will do anything to get this woman out.

The first thing she'd brought in was her personal lawyer. But that's not all. She was connected by phone to Donald Trump's son-in-law, the senior advisor, and asked Alice to release.

On May 30, she met Donald Trump and his son-in-law in person at the White House. Kim commented on Twitter again, saying that she thinks Donald Trump really understood her and that everything will work out for the better. 7 days later, Trump changed Johnson's sentence so that she no longer has to serve her sentence.

Kim Kardashian thanked Donald Trump on Twitter and was praised by the media for her performance.


Rostock singer breaks world record

On Saturday, September 1st, 2018 Marteria gave his biggest and most emotional concert to date. If you don't know Marteria, he is a Rostock hip-hop singer and used to play in the youth of FC Hansa Rostock, where he often played as the captain of the cog.

Believe it or not, 32,000 people attended the concert in the Baltic Sea station. It was the biggest stadium hip-hop show in the world and deserves it in the Guinness Book of Records.

I was there myself with a few friends and can only confirm that it was the best Marteria concert there has been so far. Admission started at 5 p.m., which was very optimistic in my opinion, as we queued at 5:45 p.m. and at 7 p.m., when the concert was supposed to start, we were still standing. Unfortunately, we missed a portion of fine cream fish fillet. This was also a guest of the party. When Marteria started together with Casper, the stadium shook. Towards the end, the fans say chants from FC Hansa Rostock, which was the most emotional moment for him. As a thank you for the "great concert", as he himself said, he played the most suitable and most beautiful song for this moment, "Mein Rostock". When this was started, he could no longer hold back his tears, as each of the 32,000 visitors sang along and made the stadium shine. The rest is history now.


YouTube and so

We all know it, we all use it, we all love it- YouTube. It used to be a good alternative to Trash TV back then, but today it's almost as trashy. Fake pranks, fake competitions, clickbait or embarrassing songs have already become a habit and you get the feeling that YouTube Germany was hit particularly badly. Of course, one also has to say that there are YouTubers who put a lot of effort and work into their videos, but the low-quality contributions tend to outweigh them. The trends are mostly music videos, especially German rap, gaming videos, vlogs or comedy stuff. One notices that they are mostly the same. The big YouTubers get a lot of clicks and small ones have a hard time making it big. Bigger YouTubers can spread trends particularly quickly, one does it before and everyone else does it. For example the "Ice Bucket Challenge" or the Bottleflip and not to forget the Fidget Spinner. It's amazing that these people can even earn a lot of money with it.


5 things you should or shouldn't do in Schwerin ...


Student theater subscription - culture education? Can you eat that?

Pinball museum - Retrooooooo

Hans and John - Hmmmmmmmmm… Yummy…

zoo - Let's be honest ... When was the last time you went to the zoo?

Kalkwerder - Baden, 3-meter tower, do I have to say something else ?!



Parking garage 1 - What people tell each other ...

Mega movie - In the Nevada Desert Area 52 ...

grasslands - Where bottle and cigarette butt say good night ...

Bolzer on Fritz - Bolts with "level" ?!

Dominos (aka Joeys) - Big wallet! Big disappointment...


Doorknob thought

Hello, it's me, the doorknob of your maternity room. This is something like an emergency call because I can't take any more. I have now accepted the fact that I am being grabbed by what feels like millions of people every day. But I still want to run away every time tests or exams are being written and people's hands are so damp and sweaty. Hello?! Are you crazy? It all sticks to ME and I have to wait until it all has evaporated. Can't you wash your hands? That's disgusting. Or some students find it funny to slam the door open and shut unnecessarily often and forcefully, so that I always feel dizzy. Do people have no compassion? But worst of all are all the bacteria. Especially in winter, the hands of students and teachers are teeming with them. And who do they distribute all of them to? Of course to me. I'm just the handle of a door that you push when you want to enter or leave a room. Pf. The bacteria then chill on me for a while, which is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. Until the next one comes, takes them with them and leaves new ones. And sometimes, when people are angry, they push me down with force and that hurts a lot. So no wonder I don't feel like doing all this anymore, right? Whoever is reading this, I beg you, please help me! Get me a nicer place, preferably a room that no one enters, or let me grow old in an attic, but please get me out of here!


Between film and theater: Tschick

I recently went to the cinema and saw the film “Tschick”. The film, which is based on the novel of the same name by Wolfgang Herrndorf, was produced under the direction of Fatih Akin. I have a special bond with this novel and at the same time with the film because two and a half years ago I staged this novel as a play with our theater group TAGGS. Since we had great success with the play at the time and we had a lot of fun with the production and performance, I had high expectations of the film.


For all those who do not know the film or the novel, here is a short summary of the contents without spoiling too much ...

The main characters are the two 14-year-old boys Maik Klingenberg and the Russian Andrey Tschitschachov or Tschick for short. Maik is a calm, shy boy who is an outsider in class. He is also madly in love with Tatjana, who, however, is the most popular girl in the class, so she seems unreachable for him. One day a new student is introduced and that is Tschick. Tschick is an Assi. He comes to school in the morning drunk, he smokes and walks around in filthy clothes. It is logical that he also takes on the role of the outsider.

On the last day of school, Tatjana handed out invitations for her birthday party and Maik hopes he would get one, but puff cake. Everyone in the class gets one except Maik and Tschick. Maik is disappointed and starts his summer vacation alone because his parents are not at home for various reasons that I don't want to spoil; D, over the summer vacation. The next morning Tschick stands in front of the door with a "borrowed" Lada and asks Maik if they want to drive around the block. Maik doesn't particularly like Tschick, but agrees, annoyed. The two quickly decide, but then not to stop at a lap around the block and so begins the adventure of a lifetime ...


The film really surprised me because I didn't think that the ideas I had or the memories of our play would really be implemented that well. “Tschick” is a funny story that still conveys a very serious message and that is exactly the art of conveying these two things to the viewer in the game. The film really did that.

What I was also happy about was that the film stuck very closely to the text and dialogues given in the novel. At the theater, we mainly stuck to these dialogues back then, because, as director Fatih Akin also confirms, they are so well filled with young people's phrases and sayings that it really makes no sense to change something. In some scenes I was actually able to say the text by heart. But one scene has been swapped compared to our play. The funny thing is that we were faced with exactly the same agony of choices back then. Only then did we decide on the scene that was again omitted in the film.

Finally, a little quiz question to the people who saw our play at the time and who saw or still want to see the film: Which two scenes do I mean?


Have you ever wondered ...?

Have you ever wondered how I feel when you stare at me all day and all of a sudden you only have eyes for someone else? Recently you couldn't keep your fingers off me, who can blame you too? I mean look at me, I have my curves exactly where you want them and you really want to give that up? I've always shined for you. I was there for you, lay next to you every night and never left you. And, if you couldn't sleep, who was the light in the dark for you? I showed you what's going on in the world out there: who's with whom? What did Gigi Hadid eat last night? Or when will Bibi finally bring out new shower foam? I don't think you can find anyone that up to date. So what does it have that I don't have? Is it really only size that counts?
In love
Your cellphone


Schwerin's greatest Youtuber: Failmonster

Daniel and Hannen have the most successful Youtube channel in Schwerin with 5300 subscribers. At first her channel was called "Failmonster 100". There the two Jumpstyle uploaded videos. These videos became popular among viewers and helped them grow their subscribers quickly. However, when they reached their 100 subscribers, they decided to simply rename themselves "Failmonster" and started with a different content. Now they are shooting vlogs, pranks, music videos, challenges and other entertaining clips. With regular videos and imaginative ideas, your channel is developing at a rapid pace. The video with the most clicks has around 16,000 views with around 500 likes. Her next big goal is to hit 10,000 on her channel. As soon as you have that many subscribers you want to upload a music video as a special. 

Link to the channel: