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Facial gymnastics: these 7 exercises ensure firm skin!

Pulling your face, sticking out your tongue, wrinkling your nose: Sounds like a funny grimace, but it's actually good for your charisma. Because facial gymnastics improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the skin with the right exercises.

Alternative to botox, fillers and the like?
Unfortunately, pronounced wrinkles cannot be magically removed with facial exercises. Even so, exercising regularly can slow down the aging process. Because facial gymnastics maintains the healthy elasticity of the facial skin and ensures a lively facial expression.

Great side effect: The little workout for the face relaxes, brings about mental equilibrium and reduces stress. We'll show you the best exercises for the neck and chin, for the mouth, lips and cheeks.

Preparation: Gently pat your skin off before doing facial exercises

Before you start, you should start with a few warm-up and relaxation exercises. Taps the neck, face and back of the head from bottom to top with your fingertips - this promotes blood circulation. Plucking the skin with your thumb and forefinger is also effective. Leave out the eye area. Now your face is perfectly attuned to the actual exercises.

Tip: It is best to look at yourself in the mirror during a facial workout so that you can develop a feeling for the various facial muscles more quickly. A popular time to practice is before, during, or after facial care. With a little practice, you can easily incorporate the exercises into your daily routine. You can practice while driving as well as watching TV, reading or talking on the phone. Five to ten minutes a day in the morning or in the evening are completely sufficient and will not fail to have an effect.

Repeat each exercise 10 to 20 times. With some exercises it is useful to place your fingers on the parts of the face to be moved so that hardly any expression lines appear during the exercise. The main principle is: Please do not pull your skin! The tensing should be done vigorously for about six seconds, then slowly and consciously let go of the tension. As you relax, focus on how the muscles relax and the skin becomes smooth.

1. Exercise for a firm chin

Sit up straight in front of a table. Lay one forearm loosely on the surface, support the elbow of the other arm (possibly place a book underneath so that you can sit upright) and press your hand down hard against the resistance of your fist. Let go after about six seconds.

Make sure that there is no movement. The mouth remains closed, the chin at the same height. You feel the front neck muscles contract. The shoulders must not be pulled up and remain relaxed.

Variation: As described, but open the lower jaw against the resistance of the fist. The double-bellied jaw muscle also contracts. This is one of the best chin-toning exercises.

2. Exercise against a double chin

Do you want to get rid of your double chin? Then this exercise can help: Take a small guest towel and roll or wring it tightly. Hold it under your chin (make sure you keep it upright!). Now open the lower jaw against the towel that is held taut. Hold the tension for about six seconds, then release. Repeat four to six times.

Between the exercise steps and at the end, rub the lower jaw with the towel from front to back.

Now put a tightly rolled up towel around your neck from behind and hold the ends tight. Then turn your head to the right, lift the towel a little on this side and open your lower jaw and press it firmly against it. Release the tension after about six seconds. Four to six times, then the left side. Relax. Maintain an upright posture while practicing.

3. Firm up the cheeks

Blow out your cheeks first. Then pats and pats the plump cheeks with your fingertips. Then relax and feel the tingling in this area. Then hold the tension while patting your cheeks. Then slowly blow the air out again.

Finally, exhale once, puffing out your cheeks. You should now feel the tension in the cheek area. Then relax consciously again.

4. Exercises for a firm mouth area

1st variant:
Place your index fingers on the corners of your mouth to prevent wrinkles from forming there. Then press your lips together and pull the corners of your mouth wide apart. So you should feel how the laughing muscle contracts. Now close your mouth as if you were whistling. Press your lips tightly against each other and feel the tension in the sphincter muscle of the mouth.

2nd variant:
Press your lips together again, then alternately pull the corners of your mouth outwards, as if the lips were rocking back and forth. Pull the right corner of the mouth to the right, hold tension, let go, then practice the left side. This exercise also tones the cheeks.

3rd variant:
Exactly like variant 2, but now alternately pull up the corners of the mouth to the side.

5. For a firm eye area

1st variant:
Use your thumb and forefinger to form 'glasses' around the eye area. In doing so, stretch the skin very gently and gently up and down. Then, against the resistance of your fingers, blink 10 to 20 times. Then relax your eyes.

2nd variant:
Starting position as above: close your eyes and press the upper eyelid against the lower eyelid. Hold the tension for about six seconds, then relax thoroughly.

6. Exercise against 'crow's feet'

Put the fingers on the temples to above the ear. Now open your mouth a little and push your lower jaw back and forth. Now you should feel how the temporal muscle contracts under your fingers when you push your jaw back.

After about six seconds, release the tension and relax. The rest of the facial muscles remain loose during the exercise. This exercise prevents crow's feet.

7. Smooth out forehead wrinkles

1st exercise:
Place your fingers on your forehead so that their tips are touching, and pull your eyebrows and eyelids up against the resistance of your fingers. If your fingers weren't on your forehead, your forehead would be wrinkled. This is how you feel the tension in the forehead muscle. Hold the tension for 6 to 10 seconds and then enjoy the relaxation in the forehead area. The skin on the forehead feels as if it is flowing apart.

2nd exercise:
Put your fingers between your eyebrows. Pulls the skin of the forehead downwards against the resistance of the fingers. This creates a deep transverse fold over the bridge of the nose, as we know it from 'wrinkling the nose'. In this exercise, the opponent of the large forehead muscle is trained, namely the pulling down of the forehead skin and the eyebrows. Then let go of the tension and relax.

Finally: acupressure

Finally, you can loosen your facial muscles with the following massage grip:

Place the fingertips of both hands over the lower jaw bones on the right and left. Performs small and increasingly larger, circular movements on the spot, applying light pressure. So treat your whole face from the bottom up. Finally, apply these handles along the hairline.

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