How has 3M changed since it started

Innovation using the example of 3M

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Be first, accomplish pioneering deeds, push things in the world a little further forward. That is the goal of an innovative company like 3M. Pioneers have always changed the world, both large and small. The first person on the moon is in everyone's memory. It was the American Neil Armstrong. He took this small step for him and a big step for mankind, which changed the world afterwards. The pioneering achievements from companies are also anchored in people's minds. Let me just pick out two: The Walkman. It was invented at Sony and has changed the way people enjoy music for a generation. Or Post-it, the yellow sticky notes. They have now changed the way notes are shared and stored in offices around the world. Post-it comes from 3M. Pioneering products like this shape the way people think about the company. They are very important for the image and appearance of a company.

The future has many names, for the weak it is the unattainable, for the fearful it is the unknown and for the brave it is an opportunity.

(Victor Hugo)

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