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LinkedIn: 10 valuable tips for your profile

Just as it makes sense to keep your resume up to date, so is other tools important to yours Career marketingincluding yours LinkedIn profilesto update regularly. If you're looking for a job, the target audience for your LinkedIn profile will be recruiters. The point of your LinkedIn profile is that recruiters can find your profile. So it has to stand out. Here are 10 tips on how to do it.

1. Meaningful headline

If you don't edit your headline yourself, LinkedIn will automatically adjust it to your current title and company. But titles and companies may say less about you. Especially if your title is a general title like "manager" or "director", it gives the reader relatively little information about what you are actually doing. You should be yours Industry and functional expertise in your headline to add a meaningful description in a short reading time to obtain.

2. Add a summary

When creating your LinkedIn profile, you should definitely not skip the summary section and switch to the experience. The summary at the very beginning will help you, your Career path to frame for the fast reader. This allows recruiters to use your Abilities and knowledge skim it and find yourself easier.

3. Optimizing your resume

Inserting a summary with the Highlights of your professional career is a good start. However, you can tweak it by making it your own description.

If a recruiter doesn't see anything other than your LinkedIn summary, would they contact you?

For example, you could use storytelling for your summary. A casual tone that also includes how you got your career expertise can be very effective. You shouldn't just be your current role, but yours as well Consider career path - especially if you have interesting positions and services to offer. Add to your summary Key competencies to round off your professional career.

4. Adaptation of the career chronology to the curriculum vitae

If you list a position on your résumé, you should also include it on your LinkedIn profile. It is important to have one complete career chronology in your LinkedIn profile, as it corresponds to your résumé and appears more uniform. As you add more companies to your profile, you will improve your chances of finding recruiters and people trying to network with you.

5. Description of your work

The description on your LinkedIn profile doesn't need to be as detailed as it is on your resume. Still, the Description of your work meaningful be. Especially the description of yours current role is important so that the reader knows what you are doing and what you have already achieved.

6. Use additional sections

Publications, Activities, and Skills are specific categories that you can add to your LinkedIn profile. You should be able to type in for Additional Information to represent your professional background. Recruiters will search for specific keywords. It is therefore important to provide sufficient information.

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7. Personalization of the URL

You can LinkedIn URLattached to your profile. This way you can make it your name rather than a random set of letters and numbers. This is a small but important change that has many benefits:

  1. Your profile will look cleaner when shared.
  2. When you include your custom URL in your email signature, it will be obvious what you are sharing. This can further strengthen your brand.

8. Providing the contact details

It is important that recruitment agencies can reach you easily. So you should have yours too Add the email address to the profile. If you do not want to provide your main e-mail address for data protection reasons, you can set up a separate account that is intended for public use. In doing so, you should make sure that the account is checked regularly. You can also forward the emails to your main email address.

9. Update the settings

Speaking of regular reviews, you should make sure your LinkedIn settings updated regularly become. Because if people try to contact you at an outdated address, they won't reach you. It can also be yours Notifications are set so that you do not receive invitations or messages from your contacts. So updating your settings is important to keep in touch.

10. Activity

Besides, you should be active on your profile and ideally Publish articlethat are relevant to your area of ​​expertise. If recruiters land on a profile with few connections and no activity, they are most likely assuming that the profile is on hold and the person cannot be reached through the profile. This means you miss out on valuable contacts.

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