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LinkedIn Ads - How to create the ideal ad image

The design of the ad images has a significant impact on your success with LinkedIn Ads. It has a major impact on whether your ad is perceived and ultimately leads the user to click. But how should an ad image for LinkedIn Ads be designed? Which are the right formats? Which colors should you choose and is it recommended to use font? This blog article tells you what to consider when designing your ad images for LinkedIn Ads.

Size and format

You have probably already seen one or the other post on social media in which the format specifications of the respective channel were not taken into account. With posts like this, the images can appear blurry or pixelated, or unsightly edges appear on the sides.

LinkedIn Ads offers different types of ads, each with a specific format:

1. Single Image Ads

Single Image Ads can do both horizontal, vertical or in 1: 1 format to be created.
However, the following specifications are recommended:
Recommended size: 1200 × 627 px (max.size 7680 x 7680 px, min.width 400 px)
Maximum file size: 5 MB
File type: JPG, PNG or GIF (animated GIFs are converted to static)

2. Sponsored Messaging

Recommended size: 300 x 250 px
Maximum file size: 40 KB
File type: JPG, PNG or GIF (not animated)

3. Text Ads

Recommended size: 100 x 100 px, aspect ratio 1: 1
Maximum file size: 2 MB
File type: JPG or PNG file

4. Carousel Ads

Recommended size: 1080 x 1080 px, aspect ratio 1: 1
At least 2 cards, max. 10
Maximum file size: 10 MB
File type: JPG, PNG or GIF (not animated)

5. Video Ads

Just like single image ads, video ads can also be created in three different formats. Either vertical (9:16), im Landscape format (16: 9) or square (1: 1). Unlike static images, video ads have fixed format specifications. Please note, however, that videos with a vertical aspect ratio juston mobile devices that support a vertical video player.

Recommended sizes:

  1. Landscape format 16: 9 aspect ratio for:
    Minimum: 640 x 360 px
    Maximum: 1920 x 1080 px
  2. Square aspect ratio 1: 1:
    Minimum: 360 x 360 px
    Maximum: 1920 x 1920 px
  3. Vertical aspect ratio 9:16:
    Minimum: 360 x 640 px
    Maximum: 1080 x 1920 px

File size: 75 KB to 200 MB
File type: MP4

Color design

The color scheme of your LinkedIn Ads ad images largely determines whether your ad stands out from the crowd or goes down instead. Since the LinkedIn platform is mainly designed in white, gray and a little blue, you should use it for your image ads Choose colors that stand out clearly from the background. If possible, adapt the colors to your company design in order to achieve a higher recognition value.

Are there certain colors that work best for Linkedin Ads ad images? Some marketers believe that the colors red, green, and orange work best. However, this certainly depends on many factors such as the product and the respective target group.

Use font in LinkedIn Ads or not?

Should you add text to your Linkedin Ads ads? There is no one-size-fits-all answer here. Ultimately, as with all questions in digital marketing, you have to test what works best for your specific offer and your target group.

However, if you are using fonts, it is advisable to use the picture not overloaded with too much writing: As a rule of thumb you can look up a title, a subtitle and a CTA as in the example of this ad from Salesforce.

Conclusion: It is important to use the correct format for the ideal LinkedIn Ads ad image. Depending on whether you choose an image, video, or carousel, use the format recommended for the type of ad. Choose colors that stand out and match your branding and test whether the combination of your image with font appeals to your target group.