What is a lightning aura

Nephalem portal

Rifts are next to the bounties, the second game function in the adventure mode in Reaper of Souls. These are randomly created dungeons that can be completed within 10-15 minutes.

According to the developers, they should provide “an appealing, endlessly repeatable gaming experience that always offers new and exciting gameplay as well as loot in huge quantities”.

Enter nephalem portal

In order to be able to enter a nephalem portal, a portal keystone is required, which is dropped by opponents in adventure mode, among other things. If you have one of these stones in your pocket, you go to any city junction and click on the nearest nephalemobelisk.

Then a yellow portal opens, which you can enter and land directly in the dungeon.

Content of a nephalem portal

Nephalem portals are created completely randomly. They offer random indoor and outdoor elements, a random build, random light and weather, random monsters and a random boss. Each dungeon can go up to 10 levels deep. The monsters that can be encountered are also wildly thrown together. For example, it can happen that the skeleton summoners from Act 1 and the Morlu incinerators from Act 4 are brought together.

The dungeons also include new shrines that grant players heavy temporary buffs upon activation - including things like invulnerability, massive speed increases, and a lightning aura that instantly kills all enemies within their range.

If you have entered a nephalem portal, a progress bar is displayed on the right. In order to bring this to 100% it is necessary to kill the servants of the Nephalem Rift Guardians - i.e. the monsters in the dungeon. If that is done, the Guardian appears itself. Who it is is also a coincidence. For example, the "Lord of Bells" can appear: