Will Britain give up Brexit?

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It will certainly not go without costs. If the British government really carelessly breaks an international treaty that was signed less than nine months ago, that sends a bad signal to the outside world. Leaving aside the sake of peace in Ireland, potential contractors - for free trade deals, for example - will wonder why they should trust the British government. It would not strengthen Britain's credibility or its negotiating position.

Such a strategy is risky for a country that has already been weakened by the corona crisis and that is taking further risks as a result of Brexit. Because Great Britain needs to be integrated into the global division of labor largely without restrictions, especially when it has said goodbye to the world's largest single market. One can therefore only hope that the draft law will be recognized as a wrong path and that the negotiations for Brexit will now be conducted with the necessary seriousness and with the intention of reaching a successful conclusion. It would be sad if a large country with a great liberal and rational tradition and global political standing were to become a populist-led European dwarf.

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The negotiations between Great Britain and the EU could be about to end. London is going on the offensive with a law that would break the exit treaty that has already been signed. What drives London?