What are ways to bleach jeans white

Fading Jeans: A Guide to Use at Home

The casual classic of clothing is and remains the jeans and to make them look really good, you have to know how to fade your jeans.

Jeans only look really casual if they have a worn look, i.e. if you can't tell from the pants that they have just been bought. The most popular trousers in the world just have to have a few signs of use in order not to fail the style check. In order to get a new pair of jeans really good, you have to be clear about the different approaches, because sometimes it's too much of a good thing and the fabric breaks. If you want to bleach your jeans, the best way to do this is in the washing machine.

Care must be taken when fading jeans

  • To properly bleach jeans, you need a chlorine agent, which you must never use in concentrated form. Put the jeans in the washing machine and add the bleach in a very diluted form.
  • Be careful not to leave any drips with the bleach and cause unpleasant white spots. It is best to put on rubber gloves so that your skin does not come into contact with the chemical, which could cause allergies. Stretch jeans should only be bleached very carefully because the chlorine contained in the bleaching agents could destroy the stretch fibers.
  • During the first bleaching process, you first make a test of the extent to which the bleaching agent bleaches the fabric. If you are satisfied with the result, you do not need to do a second bleaching process.
  • If you want to fade your jeans so that they get really heavily faded, you will need to do another bleaching process. This step-by-step approach has the advantage that you can precisely rate how much or how weakly you are fading your jeans.

Other ways to bleach your jeans

  • You can also use scouring powder and a brush to bleach your jeans. To do this, put the moistened jeans trousers in the bathtub and scrub with scouring powder over the areas that you would like to have bleached. Please also wear rubber gloves here.
  • This bleaching method may be a little strenuous, but you don't need to use chemicals and it also saves electricity. You also have the chance to measure your work precisely so that the jeans can be bleached perfectly.