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After the election: US stars shocked

Pop star Katy Perry didn't really go to the polls as she promised in an election commercial a while ago. But the Clinton supporter responded to Donald Trump's lead with an unconventional statement. She announced that the revolution was imminent.

Katy Perry stayed on this track with her next tweet. She urged her fans to stand up, get involved and fight back. "All power to the people," she tweeted in large letters.

It was already clear that Trump would win the election when the producer of the political television series "Veep", David Mandel, expressed his criticism of the election results. The Trump administration will ruin the country for the next 50 years, he believes. Still, he admitted a potential benefit of Trump's presidency: at least taxes could fall.

Actor Michael Trucco ("How I Met Your Mother") quoted Trump with his own conspiracy theory: "Oh God! ..... # TRUMP was right !!! This election IS rigged!"

The actress Whoopi Goldberg does not believe in manipulation or a conspiracy, but has a clear answer to the great popularity for the new US president. She says that not everyone who voted Trump is racist. But she is sure that all the racists voted.

Comedian Joe Bereta imagined a scenario that could occur in a few years. How will history remember this eventful day, November 9th, on which Germany also commemorates the pogrom night in 1938 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989?

Astonishment and concern from Europe

The reactions to the US elections were not limited to the American continent. British Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, a vocal opponent of Trump, tweeted about questions of conscience - without naming a candidate directly. Of course, it's easy to bow your head and let the stupid run amok. The right thing to do, however, is to challenge racism, misogyny and hatred.

In Germany, too, there was shock and desperation among celebrities. Pop singer Tim Bendzko tweeted:

The satirist Jan Böhmermann also spoke on Twitter.

Abdelkarim, a German-Moroccan comedian, questioned the attitude of Trump supporters to immigration.

#Imwithher to the end

Singers Barbra Streisand and Sheryl Crow complained that the Americans did not use this election to elect their first female president. Both had been passionate about supporting Clinton. No matter who the voters voted for, said Sheryl Crow, history had already been made with this election - because for the first time ever a woman made it onto the ballot paper.

The rapper Usher, also a vocal fan of Clinton, shared a campaign video on Facebook that shows a scene from the musical "Hamilton". However with the lyrics changed. Actors Renée Elise Goldsberry and Lin-Manuel Miranda sing a hymn of praise for Clinton, "an officer with perseverance".

In the run-up to the election, bestselling author Stephen King and singer Cher had been thinking out loud about emigrating if Trump actually won the election. After the result, which was surprising for many, they did not comment on whether they were really leaving their country. But the future of America and the world is likely. The young people in particular are sorry, tweeted Cher. Everyone should ask themselves if they have done enough to prevent Trump.

Support for Trump from Naked Cowboy and Ted Nugent

Although Donald Trump won the majority of the American electoral vote, he received significantly less support from celebrities.

A loyal fan, however, is the New York icon Naked Cowboy. Dressed in only a pair of underpants and a cowboy hat, he plays his guitar in Times Square. He posted a video on Facebook with the title "Naked Cowboy Fighting to the End for Trump in Times Square". It shows the singing cowboy in front of protesting Trump opponents.

Ted Nugent, rock musician and political activist who had supported Trump throughout the election campaign, posted a live video on Facebook showing him at a Trump election rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the video, Nugent, who appeared at the event himself, was enthusiastic about "the fire and the passion". He emphasized the feeling of togetherness: "It was tangible, inspiring and moving."