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Distribution (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

No longer valid spellings:
Distribution, Plural: Distributions | distributions
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [fɛɐ̯ˈtaɪ̯lʊŋ]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Distribution process
2) Result of the distribution
3) statisticsArrangement of the objects of an object area according to a certain principle
Origin of the term:
Derivation from the stem of the verb to distribute with the derivative (derivative morpheme) -ung; Suffixation to the noun
Delivery, issue, handing over, distribution, awarding
Allocation, classification, allocation, allocation
Payment, distribution, allocation, transfer
Delivery, sale; (Business language) expulsion, distribution; (Austrian official language) wear and tear
Subordinate terms:
1) Distribution of letters, distribution of mail, distribution of certificates
2) Distribution of installments, distribution of offices, distribution of work, distribution of tasks, distribution of property, distribution of blood, distribution of income, distribution of electricity, distribution of refugees (→ EU refugee distribution), distribution of weight, distribution of powers, distribution of forces, distribution of wages, distribution of air, distribution of power, distribution of seats, distribution of prizes, distribution of rooms, distribution of roles, final distribution, distribution of seats, Unequal distribution, wealth distribution
3) Frequency distribution, probability distribution
3) sentence length distribution, word length distribution
3) Binomial distribution, chi-square distribution, exponential distribution, Gaussian distribution, uniform distribution, normal distribution, Poisson distribution
Application examples:
1) It's about time for that distribution of the brochures.
2) In the Federal Republic there is a very unequal one distribution the fortune.
3) “Another greatness of everyone distribution is the so-called scattering. "
3) “In the previous section it was shown that an overview of a distribution can be obtained by the mean value and the scatter. "
3) “You can Distributions set up not only for rhythmic phenomena, but for everything that is variable, and therefore a broad field of research arises here. "
Word formations:
Distribution fight, distribution conflict, distribution network, distribution policy, distribution key, distribution point, distribution number word
3) Distribution function, distribution law
Nominative: singular distribution; Plural Distributions
Genitive: singular distribution; Plural Distributions
Dative: singular distribution; Plural Distributions
Accusative: singular distribution; Plural Distributions


  • English: 3) distribution
  • French: distribution (Female)
  • Italian: distribuzione
  • Swedish: 1) fördelning 3) spridning (Utrum)
  • Spanish: distribución
  • Czech: 3) rozdělení (neuter)
  • Turkish: 1) dağıtım; dağılım

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The distribution on the districts is very different.
Kölnische Rundschau, October 26, 2018

Map shows distribution of club members across the city.
Mopo, September 30, 2018

With the distribution yellow cards want to draw the traffic associations to the consequences of wrong parking.
Day 24, June 03, 2019

The distribution the total is agreed and determined within the team.
DiePresse.com, May 03, 2019

The important thing is that distribution to know about fat and muscle mass.
derStandard.at, February 13, 2019

The state ministry has the Wednesday distribution announced of funding.
Kölnische Rundschau, March 18, 2020

An urgent procedure over the distribution of children to secondary schools in Frankfurt has ended.
GMX, February 28, 2020

When daycare centers and schools close - what does that mean for them distribution of care work?
New Germany, March 16, 2020

Hold local councils distribution a glossy booklet for unfair election campaigns.
sueddeutsche.de, January 31, 2020

In Madrid, the distribution the burdens and the crediting of climate-friendly measures are discussed.
DiePresse.com, December 01, 2019

The usage examples were selected automatically and may therefore contain errors.

Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Spread: the spreading out or the spreading of something
  • Dissemination: Medicine: spread of disease or epidemic; Botany: Spread through seeds, spores and the like
  • scattering: the scattering of anything; Deviation from a point or a line; Propagation, distribution of something in a certain area; Statistics: Degree of deviation of the measured values ​​from their mean value
  • distribution: the act of dissemination (conscious or unconscious); pass on a thing and thus multiply it; the state of being widespread in a given space or to some extent
  • Payment
  • distribution: the act of dissemination (conscious or unconscious); pass on a thing and thus multiply it; the state of being widespread in a given space or to some extent
  • Assignment: Process that connects an element to another element or to a group; assigning or being assigned; the existing contextual connection of one element to another or to a group; being associated
  • allocation
  • output: the act of spending, distributing, handing over, or proclaiming something; mostly in the plural: consumption of money; (printed) work with reference to a specific version in the making; Number of a newspaper or magazine; IT Forwarding of the data to a terminal device in order to make it visible to the user
  • Handing over
  • Grant: formal handover
  • Release
  • distribution
  • distribution: Economy the distribution of goods; Technical language the being distributed, especially of income; Linguistics the occurrence of linguistic expressions in a certain linguistic environment (see distribution class)
  • W dimension (short form)
  • W distribution (short form)
  • Probability measure
  • Probability distribution: functional representation of the frequency with which a random value applies
  • paragraph: 1a) Business administration, in addition to procurement and production, is the third fundamental operational function; includes all operational measures that serve the disposal and sale of the goods produced 1b) business administration the process of selling or weaning; Typography the interruption of a continuous text by a new beginning in a new line or in a completely new section; Clothing the raised part of the shoe sole at the rear end of the shoe; the landing of a staircase; Geology the deposition of sedimentary rocks; Part of a text with related content that is graphically marked by a new line and / or indentation
  • sale: the act of selling; Facility or department for sale
  • distribution: Economy part of trade; a company's business with its customers; Economy Department of a company, a company that handles sales

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Dictionary entries

Entries from our dictionary containing "distribution":

divisio: the distribution 2) the classification 3) the distribution, the allocation 4) mathematics: the dividing, dividing 5) biology, systematics, neo-Latin: technical term for the hierarchically high taxonomic term "department" in the realm of plants, fungi and microorganisms

ecology: "Ecology is the scientific study of the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms." Charles Krebs, 1972, Ecology 1) "Ecology is the totality of the relationships between animals and their organic and inorganic environment." ..

organization structure: ... 1) Organizational structures form a system of unlimited regulations for the distribution of tasks to organizational units and the design of the operational relationships between ...

Spaces: ... of spaces in texts and their theoretical modeling on the basis of the Poisson distribution (...). "Typical word combinations: 1) make a space Derived ...

z. B.: “Anyone who understands something about probability theory and sample theory knows that, in a representative survey of 1,000 voters, the range according to the Bernoulli distribution is 1 to 2 percent. B.

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