How do I prepare the setting for the gate


By default, Tor Browser protects your security by encrypting your browsing data. You can further increase your security by turning off certain web features that could compromise your security and anonymity. You can do this by increasing Tor Browser's security levels in the shield menu. If you increase the security level of Tor Browser, some websites will no longer function properly, so you should weigh your security needs against the level of usability you want.


The security settings can be accessed by clicking the shield icon next to the Tor Browser URL bar. To view and adjust your security settings, click the "Advanced Security Settings ..." button in the shield menu.


Increasing the security level in the security settings of the Tor Browser deactivates certain browser functions in whole or in part in order to protect against possible attacks. You can reactivate these settings at any time by adjusting your security level.

  • All functions of the Tor Browser and the website are activated at this level.
  • Website functions that are often dangerous are deactivated at this level. This causes some pages to stop working as well

  • JavaScript is disabled on all non-HTTPS pages; some fonts and math symbols are disabled; Audio and video (HTML5 media) are click-to-play.

The safest
  • Only website functions that are required for static pages and basic services are permitted at this level. These changes affect images, media, and scripts.

  • JavaScript is disabled by default on all pages. Some fonts, symbols, math symbols, and images are disabled; Sound and image (HTML5 media) are click-to-play.