How did the dueling work

Wizard duel

At a Wizard duel (in the original: Wizard's Duel) two magical people with their wands wage a formal one-on-one fight against each other. Such fights are a dangerous show event: witches and wizards politely bow to their opponent before the start of the duel and then attack each other with unpredictable and sometimes life-threatening spells. Outsiders are not allowed to intervene during the fight. Seconds appointed before the fight take care of the affairs of a seriously injured or dead Duelist after the fact.

Although these wizarding fights for show are outlawed by the International Convention against Dueling, they still seem to be popular in the magical society. In the winter of 1994/95, the Department for International Magical Cooperation of the British Ministry of Magic tried to get Transylvania to sign the internationally agreed prohibition agreement.
At the renowned British wizarding school Hogwarts, however, a so-called "dueling club" had been offered two years earlier (although it was supposed to serve to be able to defend oneself magically in informal combat situations).

Events in the books

Harry encountered wizarding duels several times during his school days:

Wizard duels in games

In addition to the duels described in the book, there are more in the games:

  • In games 1 - 4 there are numerous creatures at Hogwarts that you have to magically fend off.
  • In game 5, Harry can challenge Slytherin students to a duel at any time and place by casting a spell on them.
  • In the 6th game, there are dueling clubs for each house. You can register for a duel via the bulletin board and become a dueling champion yourself by defeating all opponents.